Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Zhen Kang, Xiao Jun Li, Cong Hong Liu

Abstract: With rapid development in automobile industry and increasing environment problems, a difficulty confronting many countries is how to recycle...

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Gui You He, Li Bian

Abstract: The construction, operation and demolition of building have tremendous impacts on the global energy and environment. However, initial...

Authors: Hong Xia Yu

Abstract: This paper reports a set of experiments on the ultimate strength and fractural performance of structural steel welds at elevated...

Authors: Peng Chang, Hang Zeng

Abstract: Based on the numerical simulation of the basic behavior of multi-ribbed composite wall under low frequency cyclic load, the skeleton curve...

Authors: Hua Chen, Kan Kang, Lang Ni Deng, Peng Zhang

Abstract: For RC beams strengthened with prestressed carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) plates, calculate methods for the cracking load, the yield...

Authors: Fei Wang, Chun Mei Wang, Qi Wang

Abstract: As we all know, Jing-wei river system provides the ecological support for the development of Great Xi’an Metropolitan Area. However, the...

Authors: Qing Wang, Xin Tu, Zhao Yang Ding, Zhi Tong Sui

Abstract: Geopolymer has been gradually attracting world attention as a potentially revolutionary material that is one of the ideal substitutes of...

Authors: Zhe Zhang, Yan Feng Feng, Qing Li, Shu Juan Zheng

Abstract: Based on the heterogeneity of rock, by using the RFPA2D, influene of the horizontal in-situ stresses on the distributions of...

Authors: Da Wang, Yi Zhou Zhu

Abstract: In order to study the influences of structure parameters on the structure mechanical characteristics of long-span suspension bridge. The...

Authors: Ting Ding, Qi Wen Li, Sheng Guo Ding

Abstract: The characteristics of effect are expounded for different structure under the specific load. These internal force and deformation...


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