Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Xue, Zheng Zheng Cao, Shan Liu

Abstract: In view of the settlement of highway soft foundation, the paper proposes a method to predict soft foundation settlement based on BP neural...

Authors: Xue Song Mao, Lei Gang Zhou, Xiao Zhong Zheng, Biao Ma, Jie Liang

Abstract: A soft rock is generally prohibited to be used as filling material for highway subgrade. A novel method for improving the performance of...

Authors: Li Ying Yang, Yi Qiu Tan, Hao Liu, En Guang Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of highway construction and rehabilitation, more and more waste asphalt mixture is produced. The waste is under...

Authors: Yu Heng Wang, Yu Heng Wang, Xiu Yan Zhou, Na Li

Abstract: Using aluminium sulphate (AS) and chitosan as the main coagulant and coagulant-aid respectively, the high algae-laden water was treated by...

Authors: Bing Kang Liu, Jin Song Fan, Hui Min Hu, Li Hui Fu

Abstract: Continuously increasing municipal renovation and roadbed excavation produced a considerable quantity of solid waste each year such us...

Authors: Wei Yu, Si Duo Liu

Abstract: By studying log construction in Changbaishan area, this article sets to analyze the architectural characteristics of log construction in the...

Authors: Xin Li, Jun Wan, Jie Lin Jia

Abstract: As one assessment method of the water resources, Water Poverty Index has become an available tool in water resources management for it...

Authors: Mei Xiong

Abstract: Dry-mixing self-compacting concrete (DSCC) is a kind of new concrete composite materialswhich based on self-compacting concrete vibration....

Authors: An Ming Wang, Yu Min Zhang, Huan Li, Jing Chao Jia, Xing Feng

Abstract: Dynamic and static load testing for Dutou major Bridge was conducted. the test projects, the layout of measuring points and observation...

Authors: Cui Ping Kuang, Ying Hu, Jie Gu, Jing Huang, Xu Liu

Abstract: Caofeidian harbor is a large size deep-water harbor currently under construction in the eastern coast of north China. The construction began...


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