Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Zhen Tang, Xiao Qing Zhu, Yi Wei Yu

Abstract: Live-work is a significant form of mixed-use habitation in Southeast China. According to the investigation of spacial market settlement in...

Authors: Jun Jie Fan

Abstract: A good many ideas, strategies, cases and technologies of green building were brought forth in Expo 2010 Shanghai on the theme of “Better...

Authors: Mohammad J. Aarabi, Mohammad R. Chamani, Amir A. Dehghani, Keyvan Asghari

Abstract: Due to economical and serviceability reasons, local scour must be considered in the design of bridge piers. Although beds of natural rivers...

Authors: Je Ee Ho

Abstract: Due to the reversible transformation of physical property is strongly induced for ferro-fluid, so called intelligent working medium,...

Authors: Morteza Madhkhan, Armin Hamidi, Navid Salehi

Abstract: Due to high maintenance and production costs of conventional asphalt pavements in recent years, substitution of concrete pavements has been...

Authors: Dian Guang Ma, Xin Liu, Jia Qiang Zhao, Xiao Fei Liu, Shao Xi Li

Abstract: The ship facilities didn’t be constructed in step with the construction of Dahua Terminal in Hongshui River of Guangxi province, while the...

Authors: Chun Li Mo, Chen Yuan Wang

Abstract: Body Heat Flux Mode characterised by Element Birth and Death method is built to simulate the thermal effect of target GH3536 irradiated by...

Authors: Yan Na Zheng, Guo Hai Dong, Ben Chao Guo, Chang Ping Chen

Abstract: Based on boundary element method, a mathematical model of single box floating breakwater with mooring chain under regular wave is developed...

Authors: Jun Feng

Abstract: Based on analysising the influence factors of real estate investment decision, the paper establishes an evaluation index system of real...

Authors: Jun Feng

Abstract: Based on the insufficient of indefinitely suppose on Project investment in general real option study, the paper studies Investment option...


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