Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Ahmad Beng Hong Kueh, Wai Wai Seh, Poi Ngian Shek, Cher Siang Tan, M.Md. Tahir

Abstract: Maximum local thermal effects carpet plots for symmetric laminated composite plates used in the design and optimization for material under...

Authors: Xue Ping Chang, Jun Liu, Shi Rong Li

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to introduce a virtual crack closure technique based on EFG method for thread-shape crack. The cracked component is...

Authors: Guang Qing Yang, Bao Lin Xiong, Bao Jian Zhang

Abstract: The California Bearing Ratio(CBR) denotes the potential strength of subgrade material and is the important index of evaluating its using...

Authors: Xiang Long Li, Dian Shu Liu, Long Fa Luan, Yi Yang, Zhi Yu Zhang

Abstract: Explosive specific charge is the key to the high level of casting blast. In order to study how the explosive specific charge affects the...

Authors: Awang Nasrizal Awang Ali, Junaidah Ariffin

Abstract: This paper presents the flood inundation model using a hydrodynamic approach for flood simulation. A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for...

Authors: Chao Liu, Jian Cheng Kang

Abstract: Analyzing the nitrate seasonal distribution and nitrate high-value areas in Kuroshio of East China Sea, shows that: (1) The average...

Authors: Pei Wang, Yue Jun Cao

Abstract: Firstly, this paper gives a brief review of the nature and characteristics of sustainable and healthy residence. Secondly, with an analysis...

Authors: Qiang Qiang Miao, Zheng Han Chen, Qing Qing Zhu, Zhi Hua Yao, Jun Hao Zhang

Abstract: Measuring system of soil moisture and water bedload LGD-Ⅲ was used in those tests . Infiltration law of one dimensional vertical soil poles...

Authors: Alifujiang Xiamuxi, Akira Hasegawa

Abstract: It is clear from the former researches on reinforced concrete filled tubular steel (RCFT) structures that RCFT structures have better...

Authors: Jing Li, Yu Liu

Abstract: Along with the improvement of dwelling quality, the length of time and frequency of outdoor activities in winter greatly increase in the...


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