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Authors: Wen Bin Yao, Xiao Liang Li
Abstract: 500 pecans were measured in Henglu village of Linan city of Zhejiang province. Through measuring the tree height, trunk, crown diameter and DBH(diameter at breast height)and analyzing the correlation, the regression equation applicable to different range can be chosen.
Authors: Dong Ping Zhan, Hui Shu Zhang, Zhou Hua Jiang, Wei Gong, Hua Bing Li, Zhao Ping Chen
Abstract: The argon and carbon dioxide co-injection tests were carried out with low carbon steel melts of 100 kg in a multi-function direct current ladle furnace (DC-LF) equipped with a hollow graphite electrode. It is shown that, the electrode consumption rate and the carburetion rate decrease when Ar-CO2 gas mixtures are blown into the furnace. The carburetion rate is 3.6×10-6 per minute for the steel heated by conventional LF, and is 1.35 and 3.22 times of the heats blown 85%Ar-15%CO2 and 80%Ar-20%CO2, respectively. The carburetion rate is reduced by 25.8% at least than normal LF. The more the carbon dioxide content in the gas mixtures is, the less the carburetion rate and the electrode consumption rate are. With the increasing of the electrode consumption rate, the carburetion rate becomes bigger.
Authors: Fu Cun Zhang, Yu Shan Wang, Feng Hua Shi, Xu Feng Li, Meng Nan Zhang
Abstract: Lots of chemical weapons abandoned by Japanese in China during World War II lead to serious harm to human health as well as inducing abrupt casualty accidents. It is put forward that some geophysical methods such as low-altitude thermal infrared remote sensing, 3D high density electrical method and 3D geological radar combined with small-diameter exploratory hole method can be used for detailed detection, to ascertain the burial sites, spatial distribution and pollution degree of approximate confirmed weapons in this paper. Then, on the basis of this, take safety assessment and make programs to manage and prevent collision pertinently in order to establish technique method system of pollution investigation and disposal which is suitable for various conditions and different pollution degree.
Authors: Rong Jian Li, Wen Zheng, Juan Fang, Gao Feng Che
Abstract: The influence of structural strength on the lining moment of tunnel should be properly evaluated in order to meet the engineering demand in loess area. It is essential to analyze and evaluate the lining moment of tunnel by means of the finite element method under the condition of the different local weakening of structural strength in loess. Firstly, some researches on the structural strength of loess tunnel are reviewed. Then, some different cases of the local weakening of structural strength in loess are analyzed in this paper. Numerical results not only indicate that the lining moment of tunnel tends to change obviously with the different local weakening of the structural strength, but also reveal that the weakening location of structural strength has important effect on the distribution and redistribution of the lining moment of tunnel.
Authors: Wan Zhen Wang, Ji Xiang Xu, Fei Yi Chen
Abstract: The modified factor formulas, which are applicable to sway steel frames, are derived by considering joint relative rotational stiffness and adopting the modified stiffness factor. The finite element models of steel frames with semi-rigid and rigid connections are established using ANSYS program. Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel frames with two web and top-seat angles steel semi-rigid connections is conducted. Through bulking analysis of sway steel frames with semi-rigid connections, the effective length factor of sway steel frames is derived, which considers nonlinear rotation of two web and top-seat angles steel semi-rigid connections.
Authors: Samuel Li
Abstract: A large volume of velocity profiles measured from ice-covered rivers is used to estimate the composite Manning’s coefficient no associated with the ice and riverbed. Estimates are obtained using four methods, based on (I) depth-averaged and maximum velocities, (II) logarithmic velocity distributions fitted to field data, (III) energy slope combined with the logarithmic velocity distributions, and (IV) the Manning’s equation. Estimates of the composite coefficient range from 0.012 to 0.040. The coefficient can increase up to seven-fold through the winter. Method (II) has shown advantages. The energy slope appears to be between 25% and 50% of the water slope.
Authors: Rui Bo Hu, Ren Ping Xu, Kun Qian Wang, Xing Ran Mao
Abstract: In the modern times,development and construction of eco-tourism area with different directions are popular in the nationwide.We should direct by the new design concept, using bionic design as specific guidance.DongJia river is located in very special geographical conditions and environment of carst.,its unique natural landscape formed the exotic landscape that "trees grown in the water, and the water flows across the trees; you can see cherry blossoms in spring, avoid the summer heat, and view hongye in the autumn,enjoy snow in the winter." The thesis described DongJia River tourist attractions by the nature, history, and economic, analyzed the factors of pros and cons in its development,and at last put forward constructive ideas of DongJia River tourism: a prominent feature, historical showing, concerning about red culture, and using these cultural factors skillfuly.
Authors: Yu Chai Sun, Zhong Hao Cheng
Abstract: Based on fundamental principles of Fourier's law of heat conduction, Newton's law of cooling, Stefan-Boltzmann law and the law of conservation of energy, this paper gave out mathematical equations for description of the general heat transfer process through clothing system, and compares the theoretical results with experimental results. The result of the experiment is in accordance with the theoretical prediction.
Authors: Ju Xue
Abstract: Nowadays high-quality and versatile-quality talents are in demand and study place is no longer confined to classroom, which makes people realize the importance of campus communication space for cultivating people. How to create a special and connotative campus environment with culture foundation by combining the space design is the focus of this paper, and take South China University of Technology for example, I will discuss how the campus public open space help the development of students in order to find a design method suitable for campus public open space.
Authors: Ju Xue
Abstract: After the release of “The outline of the state medium and long term education reform and development plan” (Outline), all the domestic colleges and universities are thinking about their future development in education. In this background, by learning the Outline, the author puts forward the target of architecture undergraduate education development in CTGU from the aspects of specialty assessment, talented people training, course construction and teaching reform.

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