Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Zhou Liu, Peng Liu

Abstract: The fracture energy release rate , which is the important parameter of ice pressure calculation model that is built on energy balance...

Authors: Jie Xu

Abstract: Determining the onset of acoustic emissions (AE) signal is very time consuming if the onset is picked manually, so it is important to read...

Authors: Cheng Hsin Chang, Jen Mu Wang, Chii Ming Cheng

Abstract: This paper investigated the structural responses of the wind turbine due to wind loads by performing the wind tunnel test and the...

Authors: Can Li, Tian Fu Deng

Abstract: Outdoor wind environment play an important role at planning an estate. The method of simulating the wind environment of the district was...

Authors: Xian Mai Chen, Xia Xin Tao, Gao Hang Cui, Fu Tong Wang

Abstract: The general track spectrum of Chinese main railway lines (ChinaRLS) and the track spectrum of American railway lines (AmericaRLS) are...

Authors: Zhu Guo Li

Abstract: Concrete is the most popular construction material. In its lifetime, natural resources such as limestone and aggregate are consumed....

Authors: A.S. Abdulrahman, Mohammad Ismail, Mohammad Sakhawat Hussain

Abstract: Organic base (Amine) and inorganic base (Nitrite) have been known for protection of concrete structures but are not commercially indigenous...

Authors: Ying Li, Ai Jun Guo, Jing Zhou

Abstract: High ammonia-N wastewater is leading to serious environment consequence. Adopting CASS process (Cyclic Activated Sludge System) to treat...

Authors: Malgorzata Kowalik

Abstract: Stochastic finite differences are proposed for analysis of pore pressures in concrete structure with random material properties subjected to...

Authors: Ying Li, Shao Hua Xv, Jing Zhou

Abstract: By investigating 18 villages of a town in Beijing, some pollution problems are shown as follows: collection and management system of waste...


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