Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Xing Song, Zhen Jing Yao, Jing Song Yang, Qing Bin Tong

Abstract: A new edge detection method for seismic fault image was presented. The method decomposed an image by morphology Haar wavelet, then used...

Authors: Ze Jin Shang, Zhong Min Wang

Abstract: The recovery force of shape memory alloy spring is described by using polynomial constitutive equation. The nonlinear dynamic model of...

Authors: Qing Yun Liu, Bo Jiang, Xiao Liu Yu

Abstract: On the assumption of FCWF model, the conditions of three-fingered robot hand force-closure grasping are equivalent to grasp matrix be full...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Jin Du, Chang Liu, Sen Wan, Yao Tang, Ting Xue

Abstract: A research was designed to study the effect on inhibiting the photosensitized oxidation of natural (lycopene) and synthetic (tertiary...

Authors: Ji Sheng Qiu

Abstract: Steel fiber concrete multi-ribbed composite slab system includes material composite and structure type composite, which has good mechanical...

Authors: Hong Jun Jia

Abstract: Low-carbon economic development strategy of globalization on the construction of deep-seated changes in production methods proposed new...

Authors: Qian Wu, Xin Hu, Meng Wan

Abstract: With the deepening of economic globalization, China’s Tourism industry has been developing positively, but also accompanied with increasing...

Authors: Jing Min Ma, Yong Sheng Ren, Tao Tan

Abstract: The equations of motion for the free vibration of composite thin-walled closed-section beams are derived based on Lagrange’s equation of the...

Authors: Li Guo Ma, Yun Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The hydration heat evolution process is studied on the pure cement paste, the cement- fly ash binary system and the cement- silica fume...

Authors: Qian Fei Shi

Abstract: At the end of 20th century, our country has already entered population aging stage. Along with the aggravation of the population ageing, the...


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