Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Wei Wang, Chao En Yin, Xian Hua Chen, Bernhard Steinauer

Abstract: Four groups of granite aggregates with different mineral structures were investigated. They were formed into test plates with a flat surface...

Authors: Pavel A. Akimov, Vladimir N. Sidorov

Abstract: This paper is devoted to correct method of analytical solution of multipoint boundary problems of structural analysis for systems of...

Authors: Han Li, Xiao Guang Rui, Lei Hou

Abstract: Traditional arts and crafts industry is formed base on the ancient craftsmen to meet all levels of society and spiritual needs of people’s...

Authors: Wei Xiang Zhang, Qi Xia Liu

Abstract: An exact symplectic approach is presented for the isotropic viscoelastic solids subjected to external force and temperature boundary...

Authors: Hong Xu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the space and physiological design rules for the senior apartments. Then this paper proposed an integration design...

Authors: Galina Kashevarova, Alexandra Zobacheva, Ivan Leschev

Abstract: The results of experiments and numerical modeling of fracturing of samples of brick masonry are presented; complete stress-strain diagram...

Authors: Nai Ling Jin

Abstract: The water landscapes of Huizhou ancient villages present evident regional features due to geographical conditions, history and culture and...

Authors: Te Wei Fan

Abstract: Inspection made for moment-resist frame connection assembled by welding found that most failures occurred in weld zone between beam and...

Authors: Jr Hung Peng, Po Hsun Sung, Jyh Dong Lin, Kuang Yi Wei

Abstract: The urban road becoming more perfect, pavement engineering is from new construction to maintenance management. The authorities, from...

Authors: Ying Li, Jian Rong Yang, Jing Zhou

Abstract: With development of economy in our country, buildings update rapidly and construction waste increases sharply, which destroyed city...


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