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Authors: Yu Ping Liu, Shu Cai Li, Feng Zhang
Abstract:We report numerical simulations of the interactions between sea ice and the off-sea bridge pier by using the explicit dynamic analysis...
Authors: Lian Sheng Tang, Pei Yuan Lin, Zhi Qiang Wang, Xin Li, Ke Wu, Hui Hu
Abstract:According to the limitation on applying the research achievement on regional rainstorm-induced road hazard into practice, formation mechanism...
Authors: Hui Fen Wang, Hai Yan Liu, Zhao Ran Xiao
Abstract:The merits of recycled concrete aggregate used in cement-stabilized macadam have been demonstrated, and the influence of recycled concrete...
Authors: Jung Yoon Lee, Jong Wook Park, Sang A Cha
Abstract:This paper provides a method to predict the strength of interior reinforced concrete beam-column joints that fail in shear before the plastic...
Authors: José Ignacio Pérez Calero
Abstract:“Las Aguzaderas” Castle is a beautiful example of Spanish military constructions. We wish a general methodology for the modelizacion and...
Authors: Cao Ming Tang, Qi Nie
Abstract:The three parameters of the earthquake ground motions(peak amplitude, spectrum and duration) and dynamic elasto-plastic properties of the...
Abstract:removed due to plagiarism The original paper was published at:
Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Jing Yun Chen, Sheng Wu Wang
Abstract:Through studying the bending fracture and cleavage fracture of the asphalt mixture within the different temperature condition, confirming...
Authors: Gang Chen, Li Xia Wan
Abstract:The types and characteristics of phase change energy storage materials were introduced ,and the current research of thermal storage with PCMS...
Authors: Jian Tan, Lei Wang, Chun Yu Wang
Abstract:This paper is an analysis of buttresses detection after a car crash, with acoustic detector and GRP. It is found no serious affection in the...
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