Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Lou, Zainah Ibrahim, Zubaidah Ismail

Abstract: In this paper, a biconical tapered fiber sensor is applied to monitor the temperature of cement paste during curing process. A simple...

Authors: Jing Wu

Abstract: There are more than 100 lakes in the central districts of Wuhan, which can be listed as the top one in China. Although Wuhan is gifted with...

Authors: Ya Jun Wu, Dao Min Zou, Gang Li

Abstract: Shield tunneling may have negative influence on the nearby facilities. Especially, it will cause the additional stresses and moments along...

Authors: Jin Woo Choi, Seong Sik Lee, Hyung Joong Joo, Chang Won Kim, Dong Min Ok, Soon Jong Yoon

Abstract: As a new construction material, fiber reinforced polymeric plastic structural shapes are readily available. Therefore, new construction and...

Authors: Xiao Qin Li, Zhen Jun Yang, Jian Fei Chen, Yong Lu

Abstract: This paper presents a preliminary finite element study on the effects of strain rate on the FRP-to-concrete bond behaviour using the K&C...

Authors: Tae Hee Lee, Hyun Mi Kim, Yong Ho Ko, Seung Woo Han

Abstract: The paper presents construction performance comparison of curtain wall operations. It is well known that curtain wall operations are major...

Authors: Chun Mei Mu, Bao Chen Liu, Zhi Kui Liu

Abstract: Lots of “problematical piles” have been discovered during inspection of core-pulling to cement mixing piles, and the layout of the...

Authors: Jin Hong Zhang

Abstract: Interior design in modern room pursues culture taste. The illumination design is an indispensable part in shaping the culture of room....

Authors: Vladimir I. Andreev, Elena V. Barmenkova, Alena V. Matveeva

Abstract: We have already considered the problem of joint work of structure, foundation slab and basis in [1, 2] (two-layer beam or slab on elastic...

Authors: Ying Ou

Abstract: The human resources structure situation and its the subject problems of the Chinese construction enterprises were analyzed, The reasons were...


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