Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Xiao Zou, Yao Zhang, Gang Zheng

Abstract: To improve the performance of fault diagnosis expert system based on ANN IN fields of convergence speed, locally optimal solution...

Authors: Hong Fang Liu, Tian Wei Qian, Hao Chen

Abstract: According to the column experiment of loess and loess-quartz mixed mediums of different proportion, we studied the changing rule of the...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Hua Zhang, Zhi Gang Jiang, Wei Yan, Yan Hong Wang

Abstract: On the principle of green planning for the industial production, the optimization model oriented to the environmental attributes is...

Authors: Bing Hai Zhou, Zi Qing Zhai

Abstract: Safety is always the key issue in automotive industry. The adoption of hi-tech automotive applications requires not only the development of...

Authors: Lei Gang, Zhang Yong

Abstract: Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) is a powerful multi-mode feature fusion method, but in traditional CCA, the optimization function is to...

Authors: Geng Xin Sun, Feng Jing Shao, Sheng Bin

Abstract: Focusing on the characteristics of the new high secure architecture of network computer, an operating system with internal network structure...

Authors: Cheng Yu Hu, Peng Tao Liu

Abstract: The ring signature can guarantee the signer’s anonymity. Most proposed ring signature schemes have two problems: One is that the size of...

Authors: Hong Jun He, Li Luo, Yang Wang, Zhi Peng Duan, Zhi He Fang, Wen Zheng Zhang

Abstract: With the development of computer technology and network application, the safety of application has become one of the most important research...

Authors: Dong Xu Li, Yan Zhao

Abstract: The push and pull force of Substitute Astronauts (SA) were assessed by analyses with Operation Force Measuring System (OFMS) in laboratory....

Authors: Xiao Fei Tang, Yue Wang, Jie Zheng

Abstract: In e-commerce conditions, the relationships between channel members are more complex, including competition, cooperation and independent....


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