Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Liang Zhu, Yu Jing Wang, Shou Qiang Kang

Abstract: In order to generate complex chaotic attractors, a six-dimensional chaotic system is designed, which contains six parameters and each...

Authors: Liang Tang, Chang Qi Yang, Zhi Wen Wu

Abstract: In this research, a force-sensing keypad was constructed by adding the pressure sensors with the individual keys on the standard keypad. The...

Authors: Zi Long Chen, Yang Lu

Abstract: Traditional relevance feedback technique could help improve retrieval performance. It usually utilize the most frequent terms in the...

Authors: Qin Guo, Ai Lian Wang, Ying Liu

Abstract: Preprocessing model counting instances can reduce their size considerably and decrease the solving time. In this paper we present a...

Authors: Bai He Lang, Ling Yun Shen, Tai Lin Han, Yu Qun Chen

Abstract: This paper proposes an adaptive Canny operator edge detection algorithm. The proposed method can automatically set the threshold value...

Authors: Qiu Yu Zhang, Yi Bo Huang, Jia Bin Deng

Abstract: With the fast developing portable digital audio player, the copyright protection of music faces a severe challenge. Audio watermarking is an...

Authors: Chong Ben Tao, Guo Dong Liu

Abstract: Fingerprint enhancement is an essential preprocessing step and it is crucial for the efficiency of fingerprint recognition algorithm. We...

Authors: Zhuo Qun Li

Abstract: Commonly, an upstream member in a supply chain provides productions or resources for many downstream members. When the sum of retailers...

Authors: Yong Mao Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces an image retrieval model based on dimensionality reduction. The proposed model is divided into two main techniques,...

Authors: Xiao Rong Xu, Jian Wu Zhang, Bao Yu Zheng, Jun Rong Yan

Abstract: In Cognitive Wireless Sensor Network (C-WSN), spectrum utilization and energy-efficiency are both significant items for the whole network....


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