Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Hua Qi, Zhen Nan Zhang, Xiu Run Ge

Abstract: In order to model the mechanical behavior of joints efficiently, a thin-layer tri-node joint element is constructed. The stiffness matrix of...

Authors: Mei Liang Yang, Gui Yun Xia, Fang Ping Zhong

Abstract: Steel cofferdam is an advanced technology for high pile cap construction in deepwater foundation. Using Xiangjiang river bridge of...

Authors: Gui Yun Xia, Mei Liang Yang, Chuan Xi Li, Shang Wu Lu

Abstract: Using the steel cofferdam of Xinzhao Pearl River Bridge in Guangzhou City as the engineering background, structural designing and size...

Authors: Jin Ke Ren, Shou Yi Li, Li Juan Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, based on the principle of heat balance, the computing equation of temperature field which used the thermal coefficient,...

Authors: Xin Yan Tang

Abstract: This paper examines the validity of the Crack3D FEA Code method to solve the crack cylinder of the Saint-Venant’s torsion problem. To finish...

Authors: Dong Ming Yu, Hai Lin Yao, Feng Guang Chen

Abstract: This paper provides a simple and effective modeling method for complicated geological bodies in numerical software. By means of the most...

Authors: Chen Li, Fang Qin

Abstract: When a RC structure is laterally restrained, the load resistance is enhanced due to the membrane effects. A simplified membrane action...

Authors: Jun Ying Ge

Abstract: For hollow but high bridge piers, single side sun exposure causes great temperature stress. Currently, the bridge specifications of each...

Authors: Bin Li, Hong Tao Zhang, Hong Wang, Jia Dong Chang

Abstract: In this paper, computer aided engineering of some innovative sheet metal forming processes is reviewed. Because of the complexity of this...

Authors: Jun Ying Ge, Hao Zhang

Abstract: For concrete bridge, creep effect throughout the whole process that from construction to the entire service life, and it has large effect on...


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