Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Cao, Yi Xian Wang, Kai Wen Xia

Abstract: The dynamic impact loading has the destructive effect to the surrounding rock mass. Rock specimen such as rock plate was found to become...

Authors: Zi Li Chen, Ao Ling Ma, Xiao Liang You, Li Qun Shi

Abstract: Active-type dynamic vibration absorbers (ADVA) is a kind of damping system, installed an actuators in the dynamic vibration absorbers (DVA)....

Authors: Jian Qing Bu, Gen Wang Li

Abstract: The purpose of this paper, for which a finite element bridge model with 7 degrees of freedom per node and the 1/4 vehicle model with six...

Authors: Gang Cheng, Quan Cheng, Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: The paper concerns on the free vibrations of circular plate with arbitrary number of the mounted masses at arbitrary positions by using the...

Authors: Ding Yu Cui, Ke Gui Xin, Quan Quan Qi

Abstract: Structural signal is taken self-adaptive decomposition by Hilbert-Huang Transform mainly composed of the EMD(empirical mode decomposition)...

Authors: Qiao Yan Li, Gai Hua Yu, Xiao Yun Guo

Abstract: In this paper, important buildings of different structure in Xichang are calculated by using the powerful design software PKPM. First, the...

Authors: Ying Chen, Si Cheng Li, Jie Ji

Abstract: The fire simulation technology is widely used with the rapid development of computer technology. Taking a 12-story building for calculation,...

Authors: Feng Jun Liu, Lei Xie, He Hua Zhu, Ning Yu

Abstract: The rotational angle of joint is the key factor for segment lining design. Using the nonlinear finite element program of MARC (MSC2003), the...

Authors: Shi Yun Xiao, Yun Fei Sun

Abstract: The impacting action of flood destroyed dramatically the rural buildings. In this paper, the rural building was analyzed numerically to...

Authors: Yu Liang Qiu, Xiao Yong Hu, Zhu Wang, Zhang Jun Wang

Abstract: For the disadvantage in modeling at complex areas, advancing-frontal triangulation method was firstly applied in building numerical model of...


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