Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Sen Kong, Wei Wei Zhang, Qiu Hua Zhang, Qing Hui Meng

Abstract: Subways have found wide application in many countries relying on their unique advantages. Urban subway stations usually have a dense crowd...

Authors: Min Feng Li, Guo Fang Jin

Abstract: Vibration sources, which caused the vibration of a shear-wall residential building, are inversed in this paper. In light of the test data,...

Authors: Wan Shui Han, Su Jing Yuan, Bing Wang

Abstract: Firstly, synchronous field measurements were carried out for the road roughness of the left and right wheels to obtain the roughness profile...

Authors: Jian Yuan

Abstract: An arch-truss roof structure with circular steel tube is applied to a gymnasium, which is supported by two three-dimensional trusses with...

Authors: Yu Feng Jiao, Yan Li Hou, Xue Ying Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the finite element program LS-DYNA was used to simulate the dynamic response of RC column with different constraints...

Authors: De Shan Shan, Shen Gai Cui

Abstract: Taking Yujiang River Bridge on Nanning-Guangzhou railway line as study background, the refined numerical simulation model of whole vehicle...

Authors: De Shan Shan, Yuan He, Li Qiao

Abstract: As the floating type cable-stayed bridge has no longitudinal constraint between the main girder and the pylon, it may cause the main girder...

Authors: Xiao Bing Chen, Xiao Ming Huang, Jin Hu Tong

Abstract: Based on the small deflection theory of elastic thin plate and the equivalence principle of deflection and stress, the concentrated vehicle...

Authors: Jiang Long Han, Ding Jun Wu, Qi Li

Abstract: Vehicle-track-bridge dynamic interaction analysis is applied to compute local dynamic responses of a trough beam under urban rail transit...

Authors: Mei Zhu, Xian Zhi Xu

Abstract: In order to observe the three-phase boundary (TPB) variation of the porous gas electrode, a new laying style of the porous gas electrode was...


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