Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hui Xu, Jia Xu

Abstract: Culture-led urban regeneration is an influential planning strategy in Western countries, which is to maintain the city character while...

Authors: Yu Hui Xu, Ying Huang, De Cheng Luo

Abstract: Based on the overall urban-rural development, through analyzing the issues and their causes during the exploration of Chongqing new...

Authors: Kyung Il Chin

Abstract: Everyone wants to know the future society. So many people suppose the future by various methods. This study supposes the future city and...

Authors: Xing Gang Tang, Mehdi Rezoug, Rabbar Hamzaoui, David Bassir, Rani El Meouche, Jean François Khreim, Zhi Qiang Feng

Abstract: Urban flooding due to climate changes, dam breaking and drainage systems being overwhelmed by rainfall causes a huge loss to mankind...

Authors: Li Ping Li

Abstract: Field tests for indoor thermal environment of Tibetan-style dwellings of different materials in Shangri-La in winter were carried out from...

Authors: Xin Chen, Jun Hua Yu

Abstract: The green space of students’ living area is an important part of Chinese university campus. It has a close relationship with students’ daily...

Authors: Li Ping Tong, Zhi Ye Chen, Wen Juan Li

Abstract: Earth-dwelling caves are a kind of traditional housing with unique and typical native characters. The construction of these caves is mostly...

Authors: Yi Wu, Hui Fen Li

Abstract: This paper shows us the concept of remodeling traditional cave-houses in frigid climate of Loess plateau, and the optimization design...

Authors: Jian Hou, Mi Zhou, Zheng Yang

Abstract: A system is developed for simulating the collapse behavior of reinforced concrete frame structures from seismic loading. The purpose for...

Authors: Han Xiao, Jia Shi Tang, Wei Yan

Abstract: Spring pendulum with single-frequency excitation can be expressed in a group of complicated nonlinear equations. Bifurcation of the spring...


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