Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yuan, Xin Rong Liu, Zhi Zhong Dai, Jiang Fang Luo, Peng Li

Abstract: The city nowadays becomes the home of high concentration of carbon emissions. Hence, the development of underground space can lead to the...

Authors: Hong Yuan, Zhi Zhong Dai, Li Li Dong, Shu Guang Yang

Abstract: This paper research the historical functions and causality of underground space in the city's development .Before city appeared ,people use...

Authors: Hui Li, Hong Yuan, Li Li Dong

Abstract: At present, there are many problems in the landscape design of waterfront area in Chongqing city. With the build of Tree Gorge Reservoir,...

Authors: Dong Chu

Abstract: The guiding ideology of modern urban planning has changed from space theory to the ecological theory. Urban landscape ecological planning is...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Ben Zhao Yang

Abstract: According to the developing process of full lifecycle design service in architecture development and the dynamic and adaptive process of...

Authors: Ke Ma, Ben Teng Liu

Abstract: The wooden tile is gradually replaced by color steel sheet of traditional houses roof in Nyingchi area. This technique is effectively to...

Authors: Bin Xia Xue, Han Zhe Li, Zhi Qing Zhao

Abstract: Based on the research on the relevant cases such as the regeneration of Harbin Xinyi Channel and spatial planning of the area, the paper...

Authors: Chong Liu

Abstract: This article briefly introduces the characteristic architectural heritage in Qingdao, and then shows both the progresses and the deficits of...

Authors: Chong Liu

Abstract: This article reviews two projects with citizen participation in China: the resource recovery project in Shenyang and Taidong facade renewal...

Authors: Gong Ming Song, Xiao Li Han

Abstract: The garden of Expo2011 Xi’an located in Guangyuntan in Chanba Ecological district of Xi’an, Yanan garden is a garden built up by Yanan...


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