Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gao Min Shi

Abstract: The design and planning of hotel space should be based on the survival and development of hotels. The designer should try to make his design...

Authors: Qi Bo Liu, Jing Yuan Zhao

Abstract: Construction of new design scheme in new countryside settlements should be closely around the "people-oriented and environment-centric"...

Authors: Xue Ping Wu, Yue Xi Zhou

Abstract: Chinese and western architecture art, often be summed up with a "stable" and "change". This article tries to architectural culture, building...

Authors: Xu Li, Wan Min Zhao

Abstract: Feature decline is a common phenomenon in our city nowadays. Taking the cities in southwest china for example, this paper discusses...

Authors: Fu Jen Wang, Yat Huang Yau, Wen Bin Ng, Chi Ming Lai

Abstract: Modern operating rooms are increasingly turning to contamination control by ventilating technology for the infectious control. The objective...

Authors: Fu Jen Wang, Jung Chieh Chang, Kuo Chien Lin, Yat Huang Yau

Abstract: Thermoelectric cooler has the advantage of being portable, simple, compact, noiseless, reliable, and environmentally benign. It is quite...

Authors: Yu Dong, Dong Wei

Abstract: The daily life mode of urban residents is the basic content of the construction of low carbon city. The transformation of daily life mode...

Authors: Jun Ren

Abstract: Today of context of globalization, the traditional geographical constraints are broken, and the differences between urban scenes are...

Authors: Yu Lan Wang

Abstract: Wooden building has a long history in China. In Chinese ancient architectures, such as many palaces, temples, pavilions and ordinary...

Authors: De Can Mao, Wei Xing Li, Marco Cerini

Abstract: Innovative architectural acrylic spike application leads to a great challenge for structural engineers for the structural design of Shanghai...


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