Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tong Yu Zhang, Xiao Tian Zhu, Yu Hang Shang

Abstract: The United Habitation in Marseilles is the master wok of Le Corbusier, the well-know architect. Over the fifty years of its existence, the...

Authors: Chang Yong Chen

Abstract: This paper attempts to summarize the idea of tectonics in regional architecture creation, analyze its technical and artistic...

Authors: Bai Sheng Liao

Abstract: This article apply the CFX computational fluid software of ANSYS software company to casing tube heat exchanger of inside diameter of 10mm,...

Authors: Bing Xu

Abstract: Based on the key problems of historical areas revitalization and the core theory of Space Syntax, this paper probes into the application of...

Authors: Jing Yuan Zhao, Qiong Wang, Qi Bo Liu

Abstract: In the study of cluster thermal environment, the projecting angle of wind against buildings exercises vital influence on the environment....

Authors: Dong Xu Zhang, Da Ping Liu, Meng Xiao, Lei Chen

Abstract: Many factors are promoting the rapid development of green building in China, including the increasingly serious environmental problems, the...

Authors: Jian Qian

Abstract: Doing research on suburb resettled residents whose houses are demolished by the means of practical reconnaissance on the spot, door-to-door...

Authors: Zhen Na Zhang, Hong Bing Chen

Abstract: The aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system has been widely used in large space buildings. It plays an important role on fire detection at...

Authors: Cheng Wei Xie, Guo Ren Xie, Fang Yang

Abstract: The University Campus Planning for the new design, the new campus of a university in Hebei Province, for example, from the ecological...

Authors: Yi Tun Wang, Jui Chi Chiu, Yi Chyun Hsu, Ting Nien Wu, Yun Hwei Shen, Shaw Bing Wen

Abstract: This study selected 21 representative public sites for the survey of indoor air quality in Tainan area, including hospital, school, fitness...


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