Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huang Sheng Sun, Li Nuo Cheng, Shi Hai Chen

Abstract: In order to mitigate the seismic response of twin-tower structure linked by a steel truss platform bridge, as well as to reduce temperature...

Authors: Zhi Wei Qi, Shu Jun Fang, Guan Dong Lin, Hua Wang

Abstract: A static and dynamic load test is carried out on the constructed Hanjiang Super-major Railway Bridge in Laohekou to ensure the reliability...

Authors: Hai Dong Huang, Zhong Fu Xiang, Rui Sheng Feng

Abstract: The webs of Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge suffer from cracking generally. In this paper, the mechanical characteristics of the box girder...

Authors: Yi Zhou Zhuang, Gong Kang Fu, Tao Ji, Bao Chun Chen

Abstract: Based on a nationwide survey and deck inspection in Michigan, the phenomenon of more severe corner cracking on skewed bridge decks was...

Authors: Yi Zhou Zhuang, Tao Ji, Bao Chun Chen

Abstract: Based on FEA for three bridge models with varying skew angles, the effect of skew angle on the design moment and shear of skewed bridge...

Authors: Xian Xi Tang, Xian Zhou Tang, Yue Xu, Wei Guo

Abstract: In order to study the impact of reforcement stress and concrete cracking of concrete bridge deck caused by the difference of reforcement...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhong

Abstract: Dynamics response of suspended cable structure is studied in this paper. It is difficult to analyze this type of structure because of...

Authors: Yue Qiang, Li Li, Jin You Li, He Jian

Abstract: This essay is to obtain the optimal parameter of building structure with turned mass damper(TMD)based on the constraint of comfort and power...

Authors: Bo Wang, Yu Xiang Liu

Abstract: A four span curved HcontinuousH HboxH-girder bridge is used as an engineering example to investigate the effect of radius of curvature on...

Authors: Yi Xiao, Wei Dong Zhuo, Li Chu Fan

Abstract: A new equivalent modulus of elasticity of stay cables is derived based on previous research works. The result of the proposed formula is...


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