Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Miao, De Wei Chen

Abstract: It is well known that shear lag effect exists in wide flange concrete slabs. Traditionally, the effective flange width method is employed...

Authors: Bing Lai Zhan, Yue Xu, Zhi Xu, Xiqin Yang

Abstract: In view that dynamics research for self-anchored suspension and cable-stayed combination system bridge lags behind the practical...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zheng, Zhuo De Feng, Hong Jing Du, Yue Xu

Abstract: The existence of center towers is the origin of performance difference between multi-tower suspension bridge and the traditional one, and...

Authors: Xia Lin Yang, Lin Min Niu, Rong Ling Zhang, Guo Xiang Wei

Abstract: Taken the Chongqing PC composite box girder with corrugated steel web for background , spatial finite element calculation model is set up by...

Authors: Yu Zhao, Jian Wei Zhang, Tie Cheng Wang, Xue Jun Huo

Abstract: Based on the finite element method, the seepage field of reinforced dykes of a reservoir is analyzed from hydro geological nature and...

Authors: Qing Zhao

Abstract: Taking an engineering design case about a city elevated curved box girders bridge, the dynamic calculating model of the curved box girders...

Authors: Ali Fadhil Naser, Zong Lin Wang

Abstract: Ha Shuang Bridge is located in Harbin city within Heilongjiang province in the east north of China. The purposes of this study are to...

Authors: Xiao Li Li, Ru Cheng Xiao, Dong Liang Li, Zhi Guo Sun, Ying Fang Fan

Abstract: Effects of stiffness, carrying efficiency and fatigue of the end anchor cable on the mechanical behavior of long span cable-stayed bridge,...

Authors: Yang Jiang, Li Jun Jia

Abstract: Bridge constructions of crossing wider sea straits allow the span of suspension bridge to move forward unceasingly, but the self-weight...

Authors: Dong Lian Tan, Deng Ke Wang, Wen Ru Lu, Long Zhang, Xin Yuan Lin

Abstract: The choice of closure order of long span prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge is the key part on its construction procedure,...


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