Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Jun Wu, Yu Qiang Kang, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Analyzing the basic theory of stability, with a high pier of large span prestressed concrete continuous bridge as the example, the stability...

Authors: Xin Yi Huang, Wei Dong Zhuo, Shang Guan Ping

Abstract: The impact factors for vehicle load were ever characterized by varied parameters among different countries, and it is now commonly described...

Authors: Xue Song Zhang, Shu Hong Sun, An Bang Gu

Abstract: This paper is described about the research work on the PC beam for extradosed prestressed bridges. After summing up domestic extradosed...

Authors: Hua Bai, Jia Wu Li

Abstract: A narrow steel truss girder suspension bridge was designed for pedestrian and livestock in pasture in Xinjiang Province, China. For the...

Authors: Hua Bai, Jia Wu Li

Abstract: The hydrodynamic characteristics of a circular cylinder in two-dimensional unsteady uniform cross flow was simulated numerically by the...

Authors: Jian Bin, Jin Song Lei, Juan Juan Liu

Abstract: According to the recent series of bridge collapse ,and points out the importance of safety testing and bearing capacity evaluating of the...

Authors: Jian Ping Sun, Jian Ping Chen, Gang Li

Abstract: The reasons why the producing of the difference in temperature distributing and thermal stresses of box aqueduct under solar radiation are...

Authors: Xue Wei Li, Xin Yuan

Abstract: On the foundation of harms in the analytical arc-arched bridge plant disease up, this text propose the bridge floor makes up the strong...

Authors: Fan Xing, Lin Zhao, Ya Zhe Xing

Abstract: In view of huge destructibility of the near-fault ground motions, structures with long natural vibration period are liable to fall into...

Authors: Li Xia Lin, Yuan Hai Zhang, Ya Ping Wu, Nan Hong Ding

Abstract: Based on the equivalent stiffness and equivalent stiffness ratio method, an approximate method suitable for hand calculation is proposed to...


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