Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Bo Peng, Xun Tao Yu, Zhen Nan Wang

Abstract: For continuous girder bridges, each bearing has different function requirements under normal traffic conditions and under earthquakes of...

Authors: Tian Bo Peng, Zhen Nan Wang, Xun Tao Yu

Abstract: FRP rubber bearing was developed just almost 10 years ago, and it is characterized by less weight, lower cost, and better damping capacity....

Authors: Liang Chen, Jin Song Zhang

Abstract: Earthquake ground motions were reasonally selected for the nonlinear dynamic time-history analysis conducted for a two-tower long-span...

Authors: Wen Wu Li, Zhe Zhang, Cai Liang Huang

Abstract: A dynamic unstressed length link element and a catenary element are developed based on classical link element and catenary element, and a...

Authors: Özgür Avşar, Alp Caner, Barbaros Sarici

Abstract: The existing Komurhan Bridge was built over the dam reservoir prior to water storage. The aging segmental post-tensioned concrete bridge...

Authors: Guo Hui Zhao, Yu Min Zhang

Abstract: Damping coefficient and damping exponent play a dominant role on the displacement constraint effect and the damping force of the fluid...

Authors: Guo Hui Zhao, Yu Min Zhang

Abstract: Although located in the very low intensity area, the superstructure of Daxinglu Ramp Bridge sustained huge damage in Wenchuan earthquake....

Authors: Fan Zhang, Ping Fang, Hai Tao Qian

Abstract: Compared to the traditional testing technology, the fiber bragg grating(FBG) test technology has many unique advantages and is suitable for...

Authors: Zhi Sheng Gao, Yan Huang, Yong Liu, Lu Kuan Qi

Abstract: In this paper, taken a steel box arch bridge as background, a FEA model is built and the stability is analyzed, including buckle stability...

Authors: Feng Chen, Da Lin Hu, Yi Li Sun

Abstract: The shear bearing capacity of pretensioning prestressed concrete beam bridge mainly depends on the stirrup and concrete of the beam, but the...


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