Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Guan, De Wei Chen

Abstract: There is a deviation between finished bridge and design requirement of prestressed concrete (PC) cable-stayed bridge due to the construction...

Authors: Yong Huang, Jun Jie Wang, De Yin Jin

Abstract: The damage of bearing will change the boundary condition for whole bridge, if we do not take account of bearing failure, the error of...

Authors: Ke Ding

Abstract: Reduction of intensity or rigidity and losses of quality of the bridge structures can induce the changes of modal parameters of the...

Authors: Guo Ping Xia, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: The paper studye the cable deflections of cable-stayed suspension bridge subject to living load. in addition, an analytical formula of the...

Authors: Hong Ye Gou, Qian Hui Pu, Jun Ming Wang, Guo Wei Hu, Ze Yu Chen

Abstract: The construction scheme of long-span V-shape rigid frame composite arch bridge is discussed. In process of simulation calculation of the...

Authors: Hai Jing Liu, Jia Yan Zheng, Zhi Lin

Abstract: This paper presents the rehabilitation project of Dabanshan highland road tunnel. Cause analysis is carried by insight into the information...

Authors: Shui Xing Zhou, Min Zhang, Wei Feng Tian, Jun Xu

Abstract: Taking deformation of the main arch under dead load as the arch alignment control target, the overall cable force and pre-camber of...

Authors: Shui Xing Zhou, Jun Xu, Yin Bin Li, Qian Zhou

Abstract: Aiming at 195m high single pier of Hezhang Bridge, elasto-plastic stability analysis on static wind loads and temperature gradients at the...

Authors: Yan Mei Gao, Zhi Xiang Zhou

Abstract: A new chorded arch bridge is put forward by Professor Zhixiang zhou of Chongqing Jiaotong University. For further exploration by the bridge...

Authors: Zhi Shuo Yang, Mei Xin Ye, Yan Qun Zhou, Li Ou

Abstract: The Anqing Changjiang River Railway Bridge is an important fixed link across the Changjiang River in Anqing both the Nanjing-Anqing...


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