Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Bo Zhang, Da Peng Liu

Abstract: In the design of continuous rigid frame bridge setting reasonable pre-camber can eliminate the impact of various loads on the linear in...

Authors: Nan Hong Ding, Li Xia Lin, Jia De Chen

Abstract: Damping in double chains suspension bridge is non-uniform, which leads to coupled motion equations in main coordinate system. Based on the...

Authors: Chuan Xi Li, Xin Zhong Wang

Abstract: In this paper ,the axes of a three-span dumbbell-shaped steel tube concrete arch bridge was changed due to deviation in bridge piers, tie...

Authors: Xiao Hu, Yong Tao Gao

Abstract: Due to the applicable installation height, small mass, flexible characteristic, large span, and small damp, the unit glass curtain wall...

Authors: Xi Wen Yang, Zi Bao Lian

Abstract: Floating or semi-floating systems are usually employed for long-span cable-stayed bridges to lengthen their fundamental periods, and...

Authors: Yong Shen Zhang, Yan Ying Li

Abstract: Cracks appeared in concrete structure is always concerned in construction engineering. As the cracks appear, the rigidity of structure will...

Authors: Qing Chen Zhang, Quan Sheng Sun

Abstract: Parameter changes of a bridge in construction process must have an effect on its stress and alignment.And different parameters ,in the same...

Authors: Quan Sheng Sun, Xiao Guang Guo, De Ping Zhang, Xi Kun Guan, Yu Zheng

Abstract: Rotation construction method includes building the bridge parallel to the obstacle being spanned (a river, a highway or a railway) and then...

Authors: Yang Bing Liu, Fang Chen, Jing Bo Liu

Abstract: In order to model the elasto-plastic behavior of steel-concrete beams in high-rise buildings correctly and conveniently, plastic hinge...

Authors: De Ying Zhang, Yun Sheng Li, Chun Lei Cui

Abstract: Some retrofitted methods are introduced, and in these retrofitted methods, a strengthening case of using the sandwich plate system (SPS) to...


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