Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Z.Y. Wang, Q.Y. Wang

Abstract: Problems regarding the combined axial force and bending moment for the behaviour of semi-rigid steel joints under service loading have been...

Authors: Jian Wu Pan

Abstract: Based on the experiment of timber circular columns made of pine and fir confined by carbon-aramid hybrid FRP (HFRP) sheets under axial...

Authors: Qing Chun, Jian Wu Pan

Abstract: Based on the experiment of timber rectangle beams made of pine and fir reinforced with CFRP/AFRP hybrid FRP (HFRP) sheets. The failure modes...

Authors: Ming Tao Gao, Jin Xun Zhuang

Abstract: Short-pier shear wall structure design in a high building was introduced in this paper, the author explored how to dispose various styles...

Authors: Kyoung Sun Moon

Abstract: Employing twisted forms in tall buildings is a relatively new architectural phenomenon, as are the cases with the Chicago Spire and Shanghai...

Authors: Zhi Gang Guo, Zhi Sun

Abstract: This paper presented an experimental study on piezoelectric impedance based prestress force monitoring for prestressed concrete (PSC) beam....

Authors: Jin Sheng Liu, Shi Mei Liu

Abstract: As a new type of resist lateral force structure, short-pier shear wall structure has been widely used in high-rise and super-tall...

Authors: Jiang Miao Zhu, Zhi Xin Li, Ying Wang, Ran Li

Abstract: The water seepage of underground structure is the serious problem in the construction engineering, and becomes one of the most harm in...

Authors: Roger Zou, Ahmad Shayan, Frank Collins

Abstract: Corrosion of reinforcement can significantly affect the bond strength between the steel bar and the surrounding concrete thus greatly...

Authors: Guang Yue Wang, Meng Wang

Abstract: There are many existing architectural structures that need reinforcement because of low construction quality, absurd design, inappropriate...


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