Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Cao Guo, Shao Hua Guo

Abstract: The theory of ultrasonic wave propagation characteristic in damaged concrete media was studied in this paper. Basing on the fundamentals of...

Authors: Yi Dong Xu, Li Bian, Jun Wang, Yao Cheng Chen

Abstract: Based on multifractal theory and quantitative stereological method, nonuniform distribution of corrosion morphology in reinforcing steel...

Authors: Fu Xiong Wan, Wen Zhong Zheng

Abstract: Considering softening temperatures of ordinary organic epoxy adhesives are too low, this study develops an inorganic adhesive which strength...

Authors: Zhi Peng Huo, Cheng Wei Huang, Guang Jie Zhang

Abstract: Based on elastic mechanics, this article deduced the theoretical value of the maximum stress and maximum deflection of sheet structure which...

Authors: Sheng Jun Hu

Abstract: Based on the stability theory, one roof structure with steel tubular arch-truss was taken as a research object. Linear buckling, geometric...

Authors: Deng Hu Jing, Shuang Yin Cao, Hai Tao Zhou

Abstract: The steel-plate-masonry composite structure is an innovative type of structural scheme popular in masonry structures with load-bearing walls...

Authors: Ke Bin Jiang, Yong Ding, Ya Wen Liu, Feng Zheng

Abstract: Some secondary effect introduced by corrugated configuration of corrugated web was studied and formulas were proposed. The deduction for...

Authors: Long Fei Cheng, Lin Yan Li

Abstract: Masonry retaining structure consists of precast concrete blocks, which has good looks and is in harmony with environment. Blocks with proper...

Authors: Bing Liao, Yong Feng Luo, Xiao Nong Guo

Abstract: A radial-circle-lined grid shell, its height changed step by step in the radial direction, is adopted in the roof steel structure of the...

Authors: Lai Wang, Bo Shun Liu, Ning Yang

Abstract: In this paper, nonlinear finite element analysis on the steel frame with top-seat angle and double web-angles semi-rigid connection were...


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