Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Mei Li, Bin Zhou, Xi Yuan Zhou, Guo Fu Sun, Bo Yan Yang

Abstract: Flexibility is more sensitive to structural damage than frequency or mode. Curvature matrix of change in flexibility is presented as a new...

Authors: Dong Hai Li

Abstract: With the modern process of city, subway becomes the best choice of resolving the traffic jamming because it is convenient and effective and...

Authors: Kai Xiang, Guo Hui Wang, Wei Ping Han, Jiang Tao Yu

Abstract: Experiments of seven two-span reinforced concrete (RC) T-beams were introduced. One T-beam was normal temperature control T-beam, and the...

Authors: Ya Li Ma, Ai Lin Zhang

Abstract: Probability analysis on the durable life of concrete structure under chloride environment is little known. Using the probability method...

Authors: Jian Zhu, Ping Tan

Abstract: In order to evaluate seismic reliability and vulnerability of the typical small high-rise shear wall buildings in Western China region, the...

Authors: Wen Bo Sun, Tao Hu, Wei Huang

Abstract: Due to its convenience of construction connection and simple appearance, steel tubular structure with simple joints is widely used in...

Authors: Feng Lai Wang, Zai Xian Chen, Guang Chun Zhou, Xiang Xun Xu

Abstract: The pseudo-static tests of two “T” cross-section samples were carried out to study the shear performance of reinforced block short-leg...

Authors: Jun Chang, Yu Meng Wu

Abstract: Damage identification is one of the main contents of structural health condition assessment. Curvature mode is an ideal method to identify...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Zhang, Xue Zhu Fang, Fang Tian

Abstract: Based on the investigation and detection of Juye Bridge, the major diseases of Juye bridge was identified. After that, a comprehensive...

Authors: Yan Zhou Peng, Kai Chen, Shu Guang Hu

Abstract: The durability, such as chloride ion permeability, freeze-thaw and sulfate attack resistance of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)...


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