Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chi Ping Wang, Sheng Min Wu, Chih Kang Wang, Hong Yu Pan

Abstract: This paper describes an experimental study on the tensile capacity of post-installed rebars setting with adhesive. Eighty-one specimens...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhang, Jing Duan, Min Yu

Abstract: Three perforated steel skeleton joints reinforced by a new method were tested under low cyclic load. The results indicated that the...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhang, Zhi Cheng Luo, Xiao Mei Chen

Abstract: The feasibility of two new methods to reinforce the perforated section steel column was verified by two groups of axial compression tests,...

Authors: Yong Gang Ding, Jian Qiang Wang, Yu Cheng, Ling Fan

Abstract: In consideration of the deficient study on dynamic response of reinforced concrete silos, especially group silos at home and abroad, taking...

Authors: Li Hua Lu, Hai Xia Sun, Si Li Chen, Gui Sheng Pan, Min Ji Yang

Abstract: In order to study the bearing capacity conditions of the reinforced concrete structure in service in the phase of using,test the mechanical...

Authors: Yan Song Diao, Xian Neng Tong

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of damage identification of offshore platform, structural damage identification method based on D-S...

Authors: Mohammad Ashraf, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Qaisar Ali, Khan Shahzada, Amjad Naseer

Abstract: This paper presents a study on the behavior of a damaged full scale unreinforced brick masonry building, retrofitted with ferrocement...

Authors: Xiao Yu Liu

Abstract: Aimed at the problems such as welding stress concentration and especially irregular distribution of welding residual stress for anchorage...

Authors: Xiao Yu Liu, Jin Hui Yang

Abstract: The steel - concrete composite structure has many advantages in the field of reinforcement of bridge. But it is an important factor that...

Authors: Bing Qing Xia, Jun Dong, Lan Zong

Abstract: Thin wall steel-concrete composite wall panels can be used as bearing member and also as maintenance structural plates, which can satisfy...


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