Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tong Feng Zhao, Yang Wei Ou, Xiao Xuan Sheng

Abstract: To study further the bearing capacity of square steel tube columns filled with steel reinforced concrete, several broken modes were divided...

Authors: Wei Qiu Zhong, Guo Sun, Li Yuan Xie, Ye Ma

Abstract: A large number of non-dispersible underwater concrete materials will be extensively used in works which span over rivers and sea, so it is...

Authors: Run Ai, Mu Xi Lei, Zheng Bao Lei, Bi Feng Ou

Abstract: In order to ensure the safety of the staff and the property of our laboratory, and guarantee the ship/bridge crash test conducted safely and...

Authors: Xin Qi, Qing Cheng Meng, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: Mechanical properties of CFT column and steel beam joint with inner stiffening ring was analyzed by using FEA program ANSYS. Simultaneity,...

Authors: Arash Naji, Fereidoon Irani

Abstract: Yield Point Spectra (YPS) are used to indicate the influence of P-βˆ† effects on the lateral strengths of structures with constant ductility...

Authors: Arash Naji, Fereidoon Irani

Abstract: Progressive collapse refers to a phenomenon in which a local damage of a primary structural element leads to the failure of partial or whole...

Authors: Ying Zhou, Cui Qiang Zhang, De Yuan Zhou, Zhuo Ying Li

Abstract: This paper gets the column-end moment amplification factors of the concrete frame in the seismic zones of intensity seven and eight, by...

Authors: Wei Sheng Liang, Jian Cai

Abstract: Transfer structures in recent years have been well used in building structures. In this paper a new type of beam transfer structure with...

Authors: Wei Gang Zhan, Jia Wang, Nian Li Lu

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis in attachment spacing of tower cranes. Both the support spacing under the rigid support and the flexible...

Authors: Li Song, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: The behavior of materials under repeated loading has been examined, but extended studies are more and more needed especially for damaged...


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