Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qun Xie, Qin Zhu Sheng, Hao Xue Ju

Abstract: Four steel-to-concrete connections with adhesive anchor groups under reversed cyclic loading have been tested. The results showed that...

Authors: Cai Qin Hou, Hui Hou, Ying Cai, Rong Xia Yang

Abstract: The paper proposed design proposal that is combination of solar energy with water source heat pump for heating in the winter at the climate...

Authors: Suleman Daud, Khan Shahzada, M. Tufail, M. Fahad

Abstract: This paper presents the utility of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression analysis for the stream flow modeling in Swat River at five...

Authors: Khan Shahzada, Tetsuro Goto, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Amjad Naseer, M. Fahad

Abstract: In this paper, improvement of mechanical properties of unreinforced masonry walls based on the laboratory test results is discussed. Various...

Authors: Khan Shahzada, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Amr S. Elnashai, Amjad Naseer, M. Javed, M. Ashraf

Abstract: This paper presents the shake table test of a one-forth scaled model, representing a typical Pakistani three stories confined brick masonry...

Authors: Yi Pan, Shuang Yin Cao, Deng Hu Jing, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: A total of 32 circular-section concrete columns confined by CFRP sheet were tested in uniaxial compression involved in different preload...

Authors: Yan Xiong, Di Wu

Abstract: The damages to reinforced concrete structures subjected high temperature of fire mainly include the followings: high temperature make the...

Authors: Kai Yan, Wen Zhong Zheng, Ying Wang

Abstract: The multi-story masonry buildings with reinforced concrete frames on ground floors collapse more easily than pure frames when bottom frames...

Authors: Jing Yan, Hong Yang, Feng Liu

Abstract: With the development of commercial concrete, the problem of crack has become a difficulty puzzling the engineers. From the view of design...

Authors: Z.Y. Wang, Q.Y. Wang, L.F. Tan, Y.Y. Chen, R.J. Jiang

Abstract: The focus of this study is to analyse the stress distribution of corrugated web girder subjected to out-plane bending. Welded joining is...


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