Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mao Qi Li

Abstract: To prevent a long-span steel truss pedestrian bridge vibration problem, finite element model was established by analysis software ANSYS,...

Authors: Mao Qi Li

Abstract: With the structural method, the "bending - twisting" coupling of the curve bridge is possible. As the small-radius bridge’s radius become...

Authors: Sheng Lin, Xian Fen Xu, Cheng Wang, Jian Xin Ye

Abstract: The effect of concrete shrinkage and creep on the deformation of the bridge structure is posing a serious issue with increasing numbers of...

Authors: Hui Li Wang, Rong Bin Jiang, Zhe Pan

Abstract: The slanting cross special-shaped arch bridge is fit for urban landscape bridge, with unique design and updated style. Based on Tongtai...

Authors: Hui Li Wang, Si Feng Qin, Rong Bin Jiang

Abstract: Jianshe bridge is the first self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge in the world, localed in Dalian, China. Cable-stayed suspension was...

Authors: Jian Ying Ren, Wen Ping Li, Mu Biao Su, Qing Yuan Zeng

Abstract: The railway double-track continuous bridge vertical load-carrying frequency is theoretical derived with the vehicle-bridge system mode1. The...

Authors: Biao Wei, Qing Yuan Zeng, Wei An Liu

Abstract: Taking one typical two-tower three-span self-anchored suspension bridge as an example, structural response has been characterized in...

Authors: Biao Wei, Qing Yuan Zeng, Wei An Liu

Abstract: Taking one irregular continuous bridge as an example, modal pushover analysis (MPA) has been conducted to judge whether it would be...

Authors: Yan Huang, Lu Kuan Qi, Wu Zhou

Abstract: The features of a new type of continuous bridge suspended by triangle frame are introduced in this paper. In view of the segmental...

Authors: Fang Wen Wu, Cheng Feng Xue

Abstract: Simulation analysis is the basis for construction control of cable-stayed bridges, it monitors the process of the bridge construction. The...


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