Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Mohd, C. Hindle, W.A.Y. Yusoff

Abstract: The application of simulation software packages for mould design and injection moulding process is becoming importance to optimizing the...

Authors: M.A. Maleque, M.S. Hossain, S. Dyuti

Abstract: successful design of folding bicycle should take into account the function, material properties, and fabrication process. There are some...

Authors: E. Fadaei, M. Emamy, C. Dehghanian, M. Karshenas

Abstract: Magnesium sacrificial anodes are widely used in cathodic protection systems. In the present work, samples of Mg-0.7% Mn- x% Al- y% Ti (x,y =...

Authors: A. Kiani, M. Emamy, E. Fadaei, Saber Ghannadi

Abstract: The experiments focused on the influence of strontium and calcium as additional alloying elements on the grain size and phase distribution...

Authors: Abolghasem Ataie, S. Moslemi

Abstract: La substituted barium hexaferrite Ba1-yFe12LayO19 with 0≤ y ≤0.5 was synthesized by chemical co-precipitation method using aqueous solutions...

Authors: Pramusanto, Hadi Purwanto, Yuhelda Dahlan, Nuryadi Saleh

Abstract: Iron sand deposit in Indonesia generally consisted of titanomagnetite with ilmenite lamelaa occurred in magnetite particle structure,...

Authors: A. Ghaderi Hamidi, H. Arabi, Saeed Rastegari

Abstract: Production of tungsten-copper composites includes compaction and sintering of tungsten powder, then infiltration of copper melt within the...

Authors: Sang Woo Kim, Young Seon Lee, Beom Soo Kang

Abstract: In this work, in order to predict the forming failure of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet in drawing process at elevated temperatures, a series of...

Authors: Md. Rezaur Rahman, Sinin Hamdan, M. Saiful Islam, Md. Shahjahan Mondol

Abstract: In Malaysia, especially Borneo Island Sarawak has a large scale of tropical wood species. In this study, selected raw tropical wood species...

Authors: Moola Mohan Reddy, Khaled A. Abou-El-Hossein, Alexander Gorin

Abstract: This experimental research work attempted to use End milling on Machinable Glass Ceramic (MGC) using micro grain solid carbide end mill...


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