Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peter Tiernan, Alan Hannon

Abstract: One of the most restricting aspects of the biaxial tensile test for sheet metal is the design of the cruciform specimen. Although specimens...

Authors: M. Hirsch, B. Krönauer, Roland Golle, Hartmut Hoffmann, Matthias Golle, Gerhard Jesner

Abstract: One substantial goal of modern vehicle construction is to reduce weight at a high level of crash safety. When steel is used in lightweight...

Authors: Mohd Halim Irwan Ibrahim, Norhamidi Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong

Abstract: This paper investigates the performance of feedstock characteristics for micro metal injection molding (μMIM) by using optimum power loading...

Authors: Mohd Halim Irwan Ibrahim, Norhamidi Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong, Khairur Rijal Jamaludin, Nor Hafiez Mohamad Nor, Sufizar Ahmad

Abstract: Micro metal injection molding which is a new develop technology has attract most researcher where it becomes among the promising method in...

Authors: Amir Pakdel, Hassan Farhangi, M. Emamy

Abstract: The effect of hot extrusion process on the microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture behavior of metal-matrix composites (MMCs) of...

Authors: Kelimu Tulugan, Ho Jun Hwang, Hua Wei Rong, Won Jo Park

Abstract: At present many researches are about low density and high strength material, Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) is one kind of high performance...

Authors: K. Mohammadi, Abolfazl Darvizeh

Abstract: Dynamic modeling of compaction process ,and evaluation of hardening parameters of powder compacts undergoing uni-axial/multi compaction is a...

Authors: Pervez Akhtar, Tariq Javid Ali, Arshad Aziz

Abstract: The paper describes results of investigation on sputtered NiFe Films to determine the sputter deposition condition that could produce...

Authors: Tsung Chia Chen

Abstract: This study aims to clarify the process conditions of the radial compression of aluminum tube. It provides a model that predicts not only the...

Authors: H. Haghighat, M. Bajelan

Abstract: Lateral extrusion of gear- like components with radial tooth profile, has been studied in this paper. To analyze the process, the two types...


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