Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Yang, Hong Jun Zang, Qing Kai Wang, Bo Wen Cheng, Yuan Lin Ren, Xian Lin Xu

Abstract: A simple and efficient one-pot method for the preparation of 2H-indazolo [2,1-b] phthalazine-triones from phthalhydrazide, dimedone and...

Authors: Hai Yan Wang

Abstract: Renovation and Reform of inventory fabric has been problems that Garment enterprises want to solve, is also a big topic what broad fashion...

Authors: Han Wu Liu, Ke Wu, Yun Hui Du, Peng Zhang

Abstract: It is necessary to analyze the structural strength of the moving arm and make some optimization designs to reduce its weight. According to...

Authors: Da Wei, Rui Wang, Shu Jie Zhang

Abstract: The text summarizes raw material, manufacture method, stab-resistant mechanism, stab-resistant effect and the problem of the hard...

Authors: Quan Chen, Rui Xu, Da Hu Yao

Abstract: A fiber-supported palladium catalyst was synthesized simply by amidoximation reaction from poly (acrylonitrile/vinylamine)(PANVAm) fiber....

Authors: Zhen Ran Xia, Miao Liang Luo, Qin Zhang, Jing Qu, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: In order to investigate the effects of addition amount, particle size distribution and aver- age particle size of NaCl porogen on the pore...

Authors: Fang Wen Liu, Yun Xing Liang, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Multi-layered biaxial weft knitted fabrics has excellent mechanical properties and formability. The performances of multi-layered biaxial...

Authors: Jian Qiang Li, Qing Shan Pan, Ru Quan Zhang, Xiao Jie Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, UV spectrophotometry was used to test the chromium content of bast fiber of ramie and diphenylcarbazide (DPC) was used as...

Authors: Xin Mo, Guang Li, Jian Ming Jiang

Abstract: Two novel polyimides(PIs) were polymerized from 1,4-bis((4-amino-2-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy)methyl)cyclohexane, with aromatic...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Xiao Ming Yang, Guang Dong Xu, Hang Yin

Abstract: Northwest Woollen Factory, sited in the Small North Gate of Taiyuan, has already become one of the largest woollen mills in the People’s...


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