Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Tao Chen, Dong Qing Jiang, Fang Fang Chen, Ke Yuan

Abstract: Citrus. reticulata Blanco cv. Suavissima friut has long been regarded as a food and medicinal plant. We investigated the antioxidant...

Authors: Chong Jiu Hu, Dian Hong Xu, Hong Lei Chen, Ke Yuan

Abstract: The contents of total flavonoid(TF) and total phenolic acid(TPA) in ethanol extracts from bamboo leaves of 21 species of Phyllostachys were...

Authors: Tao Yu, Fei Zhong, Dong Xu, Qiao Hong Zhou, Wei Liang, Feng He, Zhen Bin Wu

Abstract: Purifying efficiency and culture performance in a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) combined with subsurface flow wetland (SFW) were...

Authors: Xiang Dong Bi, Shu Lin Zhang, Bo Zhang, Wei Dai, Ke Zhing Xing

Abstract: Berberine, as an allelochemical extracted from golden thread (Coptis chinensis), inhibits the growth of Microcystis aeruginosa...

Authors: Xue Min Guan, Feng Lian Bian, Wen Jin Zhu, Bo Wang, Chun Shan Zhang

Abstract: 576 broilers are experimented on with 6 × 2 (Zn × vitamin A) repetitive experiment in attempt to study the influence of different dietary...

Authors: Ji Yu Sun, Yue Ming Wang, Dong Hui Chen, Jin Tong, Chun Xiang Pan

Abstract: Due to size limits in the transverse direction, tensile testing is not appropriate to investigate the mechanical properties of elytra...

Authors: Chang E Liu, Chang Qun Duan, Fei Liu, Xing Peng

Abstract: Samples on a regular basis, and the use of SDSPAGE and Western Blotting methods was inspected to express situation in the induction of heat...

Authors: Deng Gao Fu, Chun Jing Song, Chang Qun Duan, Cheng Tao Liu, Li Na Liu

Abstract: The effects of low non-lethal levels of heavy metals (Pb and Cd) on biomass allocation, relationship between vegetative biomass and...

Authors: Jing Chen, Xiao Na Li, Shi En Tan, Wei Yi Chen

Abstract: In this study, we invesgated the mechanical properties of the rabbit femurs fixed with calcium phosphate cement (CPC). Twenty adult rabbits...

Authors: Liang Bin Hu, Ben Guo Liu, Yuan Zhang, Miao Yan Wang

Abstract: The mung bean is popular in the Orient for use in cakes and soups and as bean sprouts. In our research, it was found that aromatic flavor...


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