Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Fang Wang, Song He Zhang, Chao Wang, Ni Ni Han

Abstract: Though C. fluminea is always used as a biomonitor to evaluate the aquatic environment, the adaptive mechanism to chromium is far from...

Authors: Feng Juan Li, Chang Lu Wang, Dong He, Ya Qiong Liu, Mian Hua Chen, Yu Rong Wang, Feng Juan Li, Zhao Hui Yang, Grace Chen

Abstract: RAPD markers are used to study the genetic diversity of the main planting on 37 castor varieties widely cultivated in china according to the...

Authors: Jun Wang, Lin Zhao

Abstract: A concentration of 1.2×108 cfu/mL Bacillus coagulans YX-6 was poured into the shrimp culture ponds with the concentration of 1000mL/667m2,...

Authors: Yu Ying Sun, Shu Jun Wang, Ji Quan Zhang

Abstract: In this work, we report the characterization of a chitosanase-producing bacterium isolated from soil. This strain was grouped under the...

Authors: Rong Fa Guan, Dong Hong Liu, Jia Xin Jiang, Chang Rui, Peng Peng Liu, Xing Qian Ye

Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the nutritional quality of reconstituted milk by determining concentrations of several important...

Authors: Ya Kun Ge, Xiao Xiang Zheng

Abstract: Hyperoside is a flavonol glycoside extraction from Hawthorn (Crataegus), and it has been reported that hyperoside process...

Authors: Hua Li Jin, Jin Shui Wang, Ke Bian

Abstract: Effects of sonication at 150W and 300W power output on hydrolysis of wheat gluten using two proteinases (Protamex and papain) were evaluated...

Authors: Xiong Chen, Zhi Wang, Yong Ze Wang, Fa Tang Jiang, Dong Sheng Li, Jin Hua Wang

Abstract: Yeast extract (YE) is a sole organic nitrogen source in a commonly medium 3G for Streptomyces albulus to produce poly-ε-lysine (ε-PL). In...

Authors: Yan Yan Guo, Min Gang Lin, Hua Li, Hong Bo Liang, Bo Xiang Liu, Zhong Dong Liu

Abstract: This paper studied improved properties for fermented products by Benzoyl peroxide. The proofing speed and whiteness is as the index, this...

Authors: Bo Li, Ding Yu Hu, Xiu Lan Xin, Rong Lan, Yu Lin Deng

Abstract: Possible clinical diagnosis biomarkers of diabetes were proposed using proteomics and bioinformatics methods through the preliminary study...


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