Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Lan Lin, Ren Wang, Wei Ma, Zi Hong Cheng

Abstract: Magnetic Fe3O4/chitosan nanoparticles were synthesized for lysozyme separation from solution. The adsorption of...

Authors: Li Liu, An Xiang, Yue Feng, Da Qiao Wei, Heng Yang, Xue Shan Xia

Abstract: Cyanobacteria are widespread in eutrophic freshwater lakes and can produce potent toxins which pose serious risk for human and animal...

Authors: Jiang Lei

Abstract: This paper deals with the surface characteristic of pyrrhotite bio-oxidized by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Large amounts of...

Authors: Yong Hong Gu, Xue Bin Yan, Dong Huang, Rui Han, Li Xiang Wu

Abstract: To observe the effect of NR2B-siRNA mediated by hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (HA) on formalin-induced inflammatory pain of mice and the...

Authors: Yu Xiang Ma, Ben Guo Liu, Liang Bin Hu, Miao Yan Wang

Abstract: The extraction of pectin from pomelo peel was optimized to maximize pectin yield Y in this study. A central composite design of response...

Authors: Yuan Hong Xie, Hong Yan Gao, Yun Bo Luo, Hong Xing Zhang, Xiang Ning Chen, Ben Zhong Zhu

Abstract: Regulation of ethylene biosynthesis or action has an important effect on volatiles production in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)...

Authors: Xin Li Liu, Lin Zhao, Wei Hu, Yue Zhong Li

Abstract: To investigate the characters of Sorangium strains and the approaches for improving the production of epothilone, correlation of...

Authors: Lin Zhao, Ji Lin Dai, Jia Yi Wang, Ya Wei Li, Xin Li Liu

Abstract: Epothilones are a kind of poliketide macrolide with antifungal and anticancer bioactivity which are attracting more and more attention. In...

Authors: Zhang Qiang, Anne Belinda Thomsen

Abstract: In order to find out appropriate process for ethanol production from corn stover, wet oxidation(195°C,15 minutes)and simultaneous...

Authors: Zi Cheng Zheng, Ting Xuan Li, Shu Qin He

Abstract: Soil aggregate stability as a key indicator of soil structure and erodibility to evaluate soil stability, is a product of interactions...


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