Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Mei Liu, Shi Sheng Tang, Ying Shi, Shu Juan Yu, Hui Wu

Abstract: Peanut meal (PNM) is considered an inferior protein supplement and used as an inexpensive source of protein. In order to improve the...

Authors: Wen Xiu Sun, Tun Galag Dong, Chun Ming Ding

Abstract: An alkaloid compound, lappaconitine Hydrochloride, was synthesized with lappaconitine which was isolated from the root of Aconitum...

Authors: Zhen Yu Wang, Jia Li, Min Zhe Li, Tong Cun Zhang

Abstract: SaPIN2a, the proteinase inhibitor of nightshade (Solanum americanum), has been proposed to regulate proteolysis in phloem...

Authors: Ji Xian Mo, Bo Hui Zhang, Xue Jun Gao

Abstract: This experiment achieved a purpose that bovine colostrums IGF-1 were extracted from bovine colostrums rapidly and efficiently. Fresh bovine...

Authors: Ji Xian Mo, Bo Hui Zhang, Xue Jun Gao

Abstract: This experimental studied the effect of the bovine colostrums IGF-I on the cultured human mammary epithelial cells line HBL-100. We selected...

Authors: Yan Jun Shen, Hua Sun, Yu Wan Fu, Chu Yang Xu, Min Wang

Abstract: The biotransformation of progesterone by Colletotrichum lini AS3. 4486 was studied. The formation of the product was monitored by...

Authors: Xin Zhou, Xue Wu

Abstract: A new fluoreceptor 1 was synthesized and its interactions with various amino acids have been investigated, it showed unique selective...

Authors: Shao Bin Gu, Ke Wei Li, Ying Wu, Shi Chang Li, Guo Wei Lu

Abstract: Previous studies from our laboratory have indicated that audible sound field stimulation can significantly affect E.coli growth and...

Authors: Lei Ma, Guang Xi Ren, Yan Shi

Abstract: The effects of potassium fertilizer on diurnal change of photosynthesis in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni had been studied. Diurnal changes of...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Ke Yuan, Yong Chun Jin

Abstract: The study was conceived to evaluate the difference in the chemical composition as well as the difference in the antimicrobial activities of...


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