Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Chun Wu, Xiao Ming Lv, Zhi Jie Ou, Dai Yin Yin

Abstract: .Aiming at the high salinity at low-permeability reservoirs, a strain named S-4 that can yield a kind of bio-surfactants was screened...

Authors: Kang Li, Yuan Yuan Wang, Yong Guang Bi

Abstract: High performance liquid chromatography was employed to determine the contents of eight marker bioactive components such as rhein,...

Authors: Li Qin, Fu Guang Liu, Hui Ming Wu, Guo Nian Zhu

Abstract: A simple method for the determination of imidaclothiz residue in soil and citrus samples was established by ultra-performance liquid...

Authors: Tao Li, G.J. Guo, M. Hu, M.J. Yao

Abstract: The L-ascorbic acid can reduce the nitrite to nitric oxide, but the elevated nitrite-to-L-ascorbic acid ratio predisposes to the formation...

Authors: Song Lin Zhang, Mei Lin Jin, Huan Chun Chen

Abstract: A pseudorabies virus (PRV) mutant with deletions in genes for glycoprotein I (gI) and glycoprotein E (gE) was constructed and evaluated as a...

Authors: Yu Zhi Xu, Chun Peng Wang, Fu Xiang Chu, Charles R. Frihart, Linda F. Lorenz, Nicole M. Stark

Abstract: This work is to examine ways to chemically modify soy proteins flours and analyze the results and determine the adhesive performance....

Authors: Jun Ou, Yu Min Jiang, Zhan He Zhang

Abstract: Silk fibroin (SF) and β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) had been used in biomedical applications for these years. The potential of silk and...

Authors: Mei Ying Dong, Xue Wang, Fang Huang, Zhao Hui Jin, Tie Long Li

Abstract: The bio-toxicity of Fe0 nanoparticles on the denitrifying bacterial- Alcaligenes eutrophus was detected by the two methods of...

Authors: Guo Ping Chen, Ying Yang, Yuan Wen Zou, Xue Jin Huang

Abstract: How to choose instrument appropriately, especially in the process of fracture internal fixation healing, is always a Gordian knot. Although...

Authors: Jin Zhe He, Kai Yang, Pei Long Sun

Abstract: The pollution level of trace elements from nine types of fishes was study by ICP-AES techniques, and compare the pollution level differences...


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