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Authors: Guo Fu Tian, Shi Zhou Zhang, Shu Hui Sun
Abstract: The box girder overhead traveling crane is one kind of hoisting machine, which is widely used in factories, mines and other enterprises. Its main structure is box girder, which accounted for the largest proportion of the whole weight. In order to improve the performance of the whole machine and reduce energy consumption, an optimization model is established on the basis of the whole stress analysis and it was applied to make specific optimization design.
Authors: Xiao Chun Liu, Yong Liang Zhang, Ai Jun Huang, Li Ya Xu
Abstract: Management of equipment’s maintenance spares-parts is one of important contents of equipment support. In allusion to the problem of requirement forecasting of maintenance equipment spares-parts, and based on exponential smoothing method, a requirement forecasting model of equipment’s maintenance spares-parts was built. Microsoft EXCEL was employed to forecast the equipment’s maintenance spares-parts requirements. The forecasting method provides a scientific and alternative approach to forecast requirement of equipment’s maintenance equipment.
Authors: Bin Li, Yong Xian Ke, Zhong Liang Song, Hong Da Liu
Abstract: In order to improve the interchangeability of a standard section and determine the tower body of the optimal combination-matching, taking 45 combination schemes of three models of tower cranes for example, the ANSYS for hoist boom at working state of the diagonal of tower body have been used to make the calculation and analysis, the distribution map of the total displacement and the axial force at this condition have been obtained. According to the results, the stiffness, strength and stability of tower body have been analyzed. The tower body of the optimal combination-matching is chosen by the fuzzy evaluation method. It is proved that the optimal combination-matching through the fuzzy evaluation method is accord with production requirement.
Authors: Ya Lee Jiao, Yao Ping Li, Wen Sheng Yan
Abstract: In order to discuss the different factors, influence on hybrid bus energy saving, we analyzed the collected data information which got when the hybrid bus driving. Discussing the situation that energy consumption and energy recovery when the hybrid operation. At last get the best operational condition when the hybrid bus can play a energy-saving role by analyze the factors such as recovery energy condition, different elevations and different starting ways
Authors: Guo Chun Zhang, Han Bai, Hao Xue Liu, Bin Hua Zhang
Abstract: Shading shed transmittance of highway tunnel entrance should be designed to be compatible with the driver visual characteristics. By using qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, change law between pupil area and illumination was found through driver visual characteristics experiments in tunnel entrance. Optimal design algorithm of shading shed transmittance in highway tunnel entrance was established. Nanwutai tunnel on Baotou to Maoming highway are selected as research case to prove the model. The results of this study provide evidence that the model has obvious superiority.
Authors: Xin Yu Suo, Rui Bo Hu, Ren Ping Xu
Abstract: In order to make the design of modern complex software support the multi-disciplinary optimization,realize its solving function,and confirm its comprehensive optimum scheme,We put forward a modeling method,which is combining the Freeform with surface design. Considered the characteristics of modern software design,we analyzed the important role that modern software played in the modeling process,studied the application process of modeling that combining freeform with the surface design.,and did the application of virtual design,for example,combined the technology of “virtual clay”with “force feedback” into the virtual design. Put the above method into the design of Dongba sculpture,and we confirmed that this technology can add or reduce the soil in accordance with the different demands, and is an effective method to solve the complex problems in the modeling process.
Authors: Ming Xiang Zang, Ting Wang, Chen Liu, Yong Rui Zhao
Abstract: Currently, 3D multi-chip stack assembly is becoming the future development direction of advanced manufacturing process for printed circuit board. However, during the process of Components stacked packages, Warpage control of chips in the reflow soldering is particularly important. By Combining Taguchi method and injection molding simulation software – Moldflow, this paper studied FBGA and PBGA warpage deformation in the POP, setted four design factors, such as the mold temperature, melt temperature, injection pressure and injection time , find out the minimum warpage combination of design and critical design factors affecting the warpage. Then the factors are ranked according to the degree of the impact of the above experiments. The best combination of levels for these factors is getted, the stacked package parameter is optimized. Experiments show that the value of warpage decreased significantly.
Authors: Xiao Ping Pang, Si Yuan Wei, Kun Niu
Abstract: Study on bearings profiles is one of important factors in the hydrodynamic bearings shape optimization. In order to build a unity shape optimization model, the study on the general profile of hydrodynamic journal bearings was proposed. Firstly, the geometrical theory was studied. Secondly, four kinds of general profiles based on points, Taylor series, Bezier curve and Fourier series were introduced. Thirdly, analyzed and compared with the four kinds of general profiles, the general profile based on Fourier series was proved to be the most suitable to set up the unity shape optimization model. The general profile breaks through the performance limitation of that formed by the inherence characteristics of mathematical model of the known bearing, which not only integrates existing profiles but also develops some other new arbitrary profiles. The shape optimization can be realized by taking coefficients of the general profile as design variables.
Authors: Ling Liu
Abstract: This article explores the recycling design of products based on the research of furniture structures. It details the importance of recycling design in sustainable development of the furniture products and environmental protection, exploring and summarizing the methods of detachable design and modularization design. Through lengthening the lifespan of the furniture products, recycling design promotes the reuse of the furniture products, to decrease contamination, save energy, protect the environment and sustainably develop.

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