Diffusion in Solids and Liquids VI

Volumes 312-315

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.312-315

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Authors: Ashley Ewh, E. Perez, Dennis D. Keiser, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: U-Mo has thus far proven to be one of the most feasible metallic fuel alloys for use in research and test reactors due to its high density...

Authors: Hayder A. Abdulbari, K.H. Hamad, Rosli Bin Mohd Yunus

Abstract: Liquid transportation through pipelines for very long distances is one of the most power consuming sectors in the industry. Synthetic...

Authors: Maria José Geraldes, Lubos Hes, Mário de Araújo, Nuno Belino, Mário Nunes

Abstract: This work reports on research being carried out in the area of functional knitted fabrics with a special structure incorporating hydrophobic...

Authors: Pablo A. Muñoz-Rojas, M.A. Luersen, T.A. Carniel, E. Bertoti

Abstract: Porous materials have gained wide use in high level engineering structures due to their high stiffness/weight ratio, good energy absorption...

Authors: Ahmad Shamiri, Mohd Azlan Hussain, Farouq S. Mjalli

Abstract: A two-phase model is proposed for describing the dynamics of a fluidized bed reactor used for polypropylene production. In the proposed...

Authors: Marina V. Koudriachova

Abstract: On the basis of advanced computer simulations a relationship between the structure and the phase behaviour of Li-intercalated titanates is...

Authors: Ronny Sczech, Steffen Howitz, Michael Mertig

Abstract: DNA molecules can be transported through microchannels with help of electrophoresis and flow. Confinement of DNA molecules leads to...

Authors: Hisao Fujikawa

Abstract: Three studies on the oxidation behaviour of austenitic stainless steels were described in the present paper. (1) High temperature oxidation...

Authors: Yuh Fukai

Abstract: The equilibrium concentration of vacancies in metals is invariably enhanced in the presence of interstitial hydrogen atoms – a phenomenon...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov

Abstract: Recent models of grain-boundary diffusion are briefly reviewed. Models of diffusion along equilibrium boundaries of recrystallization origin...


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