Advanced Biomaterials VI

Volumes 288-289

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Liu, Xiao Feng Lu, Lin Wan, Bing Lu, Sheng Fu Li, Yang-zhi Zeng, Yan Rong Lu, Hong Bu, You Ping Li, Jing Qiu Cheng

Abstract: The aim of this experiment is to investigate whether MSCs from Banna Minipig Inbred Line (BMI) could be immortalized by introducing SV40...

Authors: H.F. Hildebrand, N. Blanchemain, G. Mayer, Y.M. Zhang, O. Melnyk, M. Morcellet, B. Martel

Abstract: In order to improve the tissue integration and subsequently the long-term maintenance, the implant surface can be modified by mechanical,...

Authors: A. Hokugo, K. Mushimoto, S. Morita, Yasuhiko Tabata

Abstract: Although clinically, grafting of vascularized autologous bone has been preferably performed, there are some disadvantages for this grafting...

Authors: In Sup Noh

Abstract: Vascular Tissue engineering has drawn high interest due to its high demand in its vascular graft applications. We tissue-engineered a hybrid...

Authors: Tetsuya Tateishi, Guo Ping Chen

Abstract: A new method for the preparation of biodegradable porous scaffolds has been developed by using preprepared ice particulates as porogen...

Authors: Lei Cui, Dong Li, Xiang Dong Liu, Fanfan Chen, Wei Liu, Yi Lin Cao

Abstract: Objective The purpose of this study is to explore the growth, differentiation and osteogeneration of bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) on...

Authors: Lu Zhang, Lin Gang Wang, Ping Hu

Abstract: In this article, electrospinning of poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) /egg white blend and that of poly (carbon dioxide-co-propylene oxide) were...

Authors: Christopher M. Hill, Yuehuei H. An, Qian K. Kang, Marina V. Demcheva, S.William Whitson, John Vournakis

Abstract: Athymic nude mice were used as an animal model to evaluate the chondrogenic effects of bovine fetal chondrocytes seeded onto a new...

Authors: Quan Li Li, Zhi Qing Chen, Guo Min Ou, Laikui Liu, Hao Bin Jiang, Quan Zeng, Gang Li, G. He, An Chun Mo, Brian W. Darvell

Abstract: A novel three-dimensional scaffold of hydroxyapatite(HA)-polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) composite hydrogel was synthesized by a biomimetic...

Authors: Young Mee Jung, Soo Hyun Kim, Sang Soo Kim, Hee Jin You, Byoung Soo Kim, Suk Young Kim, Sang Heon Kim, Young Ha Kim

Abstract: A novel process was developed to fabricate polymer/ceramic composites for bone tissue engineering. The mixture of polylactic acid (PLA),...


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