Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Je Woong Park, Sun Kyu Kim, Young Nam Kim, In Young Yang, David K. Hsu, Kwang Hee Im

Abstract: Because the layup of composite laminates influences there properties, the strength of composites depends on layup sequence of CFRP...

Authors: In Young Yang, Sun Kyu Kim, Cheon Seok Cha, Jae Ki Sim, Je Woong Park, David K. Hsu, Kwang Hee Im

Abstract: A nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technique would be very beneficial to assess resininfiltrated absorption effect of wood when wood was...

Authors: J.R. Cho, J.I. Song, J.H. Choi

Abstract: The numerical prediction of the effective mechanical properties of the reinforced braid inserted in automobile power steering hose is...

Authors: Jun Lin Li, Xue Xia Zhang, Wei Yang Yang

Abstract: An analysis of fracture problems near crack tip for linear elastic orthotropic composite plate under bending and twisting is carried out. By...

Authors: Jin Woo Kim, Dong Gi Lee

Abstract: For measuring fiber content of GMT Sheet, moldings should be divided into specimens. And then by burning this specimen, we can get remaining...

Authors: Heoung Jae Chun, H.W. Kim, Joon Hyung Byun

Abstract: The purposes of stitching multi-axial warp knitted fabric preform prior to the fabrication of the composite materials by resin-transfer...

Authors: Heoung Jae Chun, J.M. Choi, Joon Hyung Byun

Abstract: The use of composite materials in many engineering structures has increased recently. The structures are jointed together by single or...

Authors: Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: An elastopalstic analysis of the micromechanical approach is performed to investigate the stress transfer mechanism in a short fiber...

Authors: Osamu Kuwazuru, Nobuhiro Yoshikawa

Abstract: The anisotropy of the tensile strength of plain-weave fabric is numerically evaluated by the finite element simulations. The plain-weave...

Authors: Nian Jie Ma, Ying Ming Li, Zhi Jie Zhang

Abstract: This article analyses the cutting mechanism of bolt-end according to coal side supporting. The authors put forward a new structure of FRP...


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