Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hyoung Seop Kim

Abstract: Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) is a convenient forming procedure among various severe plastic deformation processes. It is based on...

Authors: H.K. Jun, Iskandar Idris Yaacob

Abstract: Elemental powders of Nd, Fe and B were mechanically alloyed using a planetary ball mill. The change of structure and particle size was...

Authors: Suyitno, Dmitry G. Eskin, Laurens Katgerman

Abstract: Shape distortions and hot cracking during casting are strongly related to thermal contraction during and after solidification. The...

Authors: Akira Shinozaki, Kikuo Kishimoto, Hirotsugu Inoue

Abstract: The mechanical properties of polymers are strongly influenced by meso-scale (10-9~10-3 m) structure such as entanglement, molecular weight...

Authors: M. Nizar Machmud, Masaki Omiya, Hirotsugu Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto

Abstract: Based on previous available constitutive models, a phenomenological constitutive model has been constructed and is proposed to describe the...

Authors: Seong Beom Lee, Heung Seob Kim, Shin Hur, Wan Doo Kim, Chang Su Woo, Chan Seok Park

Abstract: An automotive transmission (TM) rubber mount is a device that is used in automotive systems to cushion the loads transmitted from the...

Authors: H.K. Lee, G.E. Yang, Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: Molding characteristics are presented for the surface pattern of polymeric materials in injection molding. They are related to the polymer...

Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, Sung Hyun Kim, Jong Won Lee

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental finding in the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) technique to obtain a better compressive stress...

Authors: Byeong Soo Lim, Bum Joon Kim

Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of various hold times on creep-fatigue life at 600oC. The relationship between the crack growth...

Authors: Yu Sik Kong, Sang Woo Kwon, Seon Jin Kim

Abstract: An experimental work of dissimilar friction welding was conducted using 15 mm diameter solid bar in copper alloy (Cu-1Cr-0.5Zr) to stainless...


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