Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jung Woo Sohn, Heung Soo Kim, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: In this paper, dynamic characteristics of an end-capped hull structure with surface bonded piezoelectric actuators are studied. Finite...

Authors: Chong Du Cho, Heung Shik Lee, Chang Boo Kim, Hyeon Gyu Beom

Abstract: In this paper, a finite element code especially for micro-magnetostrictive actuators was developed. Two significant characteristics of the...

Authors: Yudi Heryawan, Hoon Cheol Park, Nam Seo Goo, Kwang Joon Yoon, Yung Hwan Byun

Abstract: This paper describes design, manufacturing, and wind tunnel test of a motor-driven small-scale expandable wing for MAV class vehicles. The...

Authors: Moh. Syaifuddin, Hoon Cheol Park, Kwang Joon Yoon, Nam Seo Goo

Abstract: This paper addresses detail design and demonstration of an insect-mimicking flappingwing mechanism composed of LIPCA (Lightweight...

Authors: Jeong Hoon Yoo, Seung Jae Min

Abstract: Recent trend on the research for the storage devices are focusing the realization of the small size and the increase of the recording...

Authors: Kwang Joon Yoon, J.D. Lee, K.B. Kim, Hoon Cheol Park, Nam Seo Goo

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the development of stacked ceramic thin actuation layer IDEAL (Inter-Digitated Electrode Actuation Layer) using...

Authors: Hery Setiawan, Kwang Joon Yoon, Hoon Cheol Park, Nam Seo Goo

Abstract: This paper addresses the power consumption of the LIPCA (LIghtweight Piezo-Composite Actuator) device system when electric input was applied...

Authors: Ja Choon Koo, Kwang Mok Jung, Min Young Jung, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Jae Do Nam, Young Kwan Lee

Abstract: Many publications have demonstrated advantages of smart polymer actuators over the traditional electromagnetic transducers. One of the most...

Authors: Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Kwang Mok Jung, Min Young Jung, Ja Choon Koo, Jae Do Nam, Young Kwan Lee

Abstract: As ElectroActive Polymers (EAPs) attract keen attentions from various engineering fields, they have been proven more beneficial over the...

Authors: Zhan Wei Liu, Dai Ning Fang, Hui Min Xie

Abstract: In this paper, fracture behavior of ferroelectric ceramics under combined electromechanical loading was investigated using moiré...


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