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Authors: Akiko Obata, Toshihiro Kasuga
Abstract:Bonelike apatite formation abilities of β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and hydroxyapatite (HA) were enhanced by a simple and useful method...
Authors: Tomohiro Uchino, Chikara Ohtsuki, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Masao Tanihara, Toshiki Miyazaki
Abstract:Apatite formation behavior of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) ceramics with different phases and porosity was investigated in a simulated body...
Authors: Y.S. Kim, Tae Gyun Kim, Ui Won Jung, C.S. Kim, Seong Ho Choi, Kyoo Sung Cho, Chong Kwan Kim
Abstract:Dehiscence bone defects, frequently observed on dental implants placed in periodontitis-affected alveolar bone or extraction sockets were...
Authors: Jeong Hyun Yoo, Kang Sik Lee, Soo Ho Lee
Abstract:Titanium alloy(Ti-6Al-4V, Samsung techwin, Korea) rods with diameter of 2.5mm were used as the implant materials. Polymethyl...
Authors: Masato Tamai, Ryusuke Nakaoka, Toshie Tsuchiya
Abstract:The cytotoxicity of five calcium phosphate ceramics, hydroxyapatite (HAp), flouroapatite (FAp), α-tricalcium phosphate (α-TCP), β-tricalcium...
Authors: Ute Ploska, Georg Berger, Manfred Willfahrt
Abstract:The influence of several sinter additives (three glasses, magnesium acetate, bismuth trioxide) on the compressive strength and also on the...
Authors: Ji Yong Chen, You Rong Duan, Chun Lin Deng, Qi Yi Zhang, Xing Dong Zhang
Abstract:In vitro method has often been used in the biodegradation/bioactivity evaluation of bioactive ceramics for its convenience and saving in...
Authors: George K. Toworfe, R.J. Composto, Christopher S. Adams, I.M. Shapiro, Paul Ducheyne
Authors: Isabel B. Leonor, Francisco Balas, Masakazu Kawashita, Rui L. Reis, Tadashi Kokubo, Takashi Nakamura
Abstract:Bioactive polymeric microspheres can be produced by pre-coating them with a calcium silicate solution and the subsequent soaking in a...
Authors: Takashi Kizuki, Takao Saito, Masataka Ohgaki, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa
Abstract:In cell culture medium containing serum proteins, a layer with a great role in ostelblast-like cell’s growth formed on a HAp ceramics by a...
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