Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Jayaprakash, Yoshiharu Mutoh, K. Asai, Kunihiro Ichikawa, Shigeo Sakurai

Abstract: Stress distribution at the contact edge is known to have a dominant influence on fretting fatigue strength. Stresses acting on the contact...

Authors: Byoung Ho Choi, Alexander Chudnovsky

Abstract: Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is a brittle fracture of a ductile material under severe environment. Due to the complexity of...

Authors: F. Yue, X.S. Ren, M. Chen, Y.Y. Miao, M.Y. Li, Z.G. Hao

Abstract: This paper is focused on developing fatigue-load model for highway bridges based on the measurements data of WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) in China....

Authors: Takayuki Mori, Teruaki Yamada, Masatoshi Kuroda, Masayuki Kamaya

Abstract: Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) in conjunction with scanning electron microscopy was used to assess the fatigue damage induced in...

Authors: Teruaki Yamada, Masatoshi Kuroda, Kazuya Mori

Abstract: In this study, the preliminary finite element analysis of shot peening was carried out in order to investigate the fundamental mechanism of...

Authors: L. Yang, Y. Jiang, Shu Cai Li, B. Li

Abstract: Experiments and numerical simulations were conducted to investigate the propagation patterns of pre-existing 3-D elliptical crack in...

Authors: Giuseppe Lamanna, Luigi Grassia, Vascione Ascione

Abstract: The extrusion of a space frame must be followed by forming operations of some kind to obtain the desired shape/curvature, for example a...

Authors: Predrag Čanžar, Zdenko Tonković, Janos Kodvanj, Ante Bakić, Z. Tomičević

Abstract: An experimental and numerical study of the cyclic deformation and low-cycle fatigue behaviour of the aluminium alloy AlCu5BiPb–T8 is...

Authors: Sam R. Humphries, Richard Wuhrer, N.G. Booth, Wing Yiu Yeung, Qiu Bao Ouyang, J. Qin, D. Zhang

Abstract: An enhanced nucleation heat treatment process was employed to refine the grain structure of 7075Al/ 7wt.% SiCp metal matrix composite...

Authors: C. Meng, C.J. De Pater

Abstract: Active acoustic monitoring can capture two types of fracture behavior in rock samples, opening and closure of an existing fracture and tip...


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