Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Liang Li, Hong Li

Abstract: Multiple circular inclusions exists widely in natural media, engineering materials and modern municipal construction, and defects are...

Authors: Andreas Ricoeur

Abstract: Cracks in piezoelectric solids have been subject to fracture mechanical investigations for more than 30 years. In the early years of...

Authors: Gui Ming Rong, Hiroyuki Kisu

Abstract: The solution of heat transfer problems for functional graded materials (FGMs) by smoothed particle hydrodynamics, in which the thermal...

Authors: Jae Hyun Kim, Jung Yup Kim, Bong Kyun Jang, Kyung Shik Kim, Byung Ik Choi, Sang Hyun Jun, Jun Ho Kim

Abstract: In this study, we propose a simplification scheme for modeling a complex bellows structure. Using 3-dimensional finite element analysis,...

Authors: Petr P. Prochazka, Martin V. Valek, Sarka Peskova

Abstract: Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) exposed to extremely elevated temperature is of great concern in tunnel structures, for example. In the...

Authors: Soo Yeon Seo, Seung Joe Yoon, Hyun Do Yoon

Abstract: A variation of temperature by sunlight acting on a RC roof slab causes a change of stress in concrete since it expands during summer and is...

Authors: Tomonori Yamada, Noriyuki Kushida, Fumimasa Araya, Akemi Nishida, Norihiro Nakajima

Abstract: The finite elements are extensively utilized to solve various problems in engineering fields with the growth of computing technologies....

Authors: Tatsujiro Miyazaki

Abstract: It is well known that a stress concentration of a crack can be relaxed by drilling a hole at the crack tip. The repair method is called a...

Authors: Yeon Su Kim, Kyeong Ho Moon, Se Ky Chang, Jai Kyun Mok

Abstract: For the medium-sized low-floor bus, backbone structure of chassis was designed to have light-weight structure with SAPH (Steel Automobile...

Authors: Kuniharu Ushijima, Wesley J. Cantwell, Dai Heng Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the shear response of three-dimensional micro-lattice structures was investigated based on numerical stress analysis, FEM....


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