Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX

Volumes 452-453

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chobin Makabe, K. Kuniyoshi, Masaki Fujikawa, Ryouji Kondou, D. Shinohara

Abstract: If the crystal grain size of a metal is made smaller, its strength is higher. So, many methods of grain refinement have been proposed. In...

Authors: Muhammed Sohel Rana, Md. Shafiul Ferdous, Chobin Makabe, Masaki Fujikawa

Abstract: The enhancement method of fatigue life and the crack initiate and growth behavior of a holed specimen was investigated by using the 2024...

Authors: Dan Jin, Hai Ling Fu, Wei Lin

Abstract: The Fatemi–Socie criterion is evaluated using the combined axial torsion fatigue testing results obtained from extensive experiments on...

Authors: Shinji Hashimura, YU Kurakake, Shinichi Umeno

Abstract: Fatigue tests under transverse vibration were performed for three separate tightening conditions to investigate the grip length and the...

Authors: Yong Taeg Lee, Tae Soo Kim, Jin Seong Lim, Seung Hun Kim

Abstract: The experimental research for single shear bolted connection of cold-formed stainless steel fabricated with two bolts (2×1 bolt arrangement)...

Authors: Tae Soo Kim, Min Seung Kim, Sung Woo Shin

Abstract: The application of stainless steel in buildings has been increased gradually with excellent life cycle cost for ensuring the sustainability...

Authors: Mathias Wallin, Matti Ristinmaa, Mattias Olsson

Abstract: A constitutive model for ductile porous material is formulated within the thermodynamic framework. A yield function based on the lower-bound...

Authors: Tomoyuki Fujii, Keiichiro Tohgo, Yu Itoh, Daisuke Kato, Yoshinobu Shimamura

Abstract: This paper deals with an analysis of a crack-tip field of particulate-reinforced composites which can describe the evolution of debonding...

Authors: Wouter de Corte, Veerle Boel

Abstract: Self compacting concrete is a concrete mixture specifically designed not to require external energy for compaction. This property results in...

Authors: Wouter de Corte, Veerle Boel

Abstract: Many civil structures are subjected to dynamic loading with load cycles exceeding 100.000 to 100.000.000 or more depending on the type of...


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